Conflicts of Interest: Is War with Mexico Next?

Front-runners for the GOP in 2024 want to send American troops into Mexico.

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10 thoughts on “Conflicts of Interest: Is War with Mexico Next?”

  1. Hopefully, there will be no American troops deployed to Mexico although the southern border must be secured and illegal immigration must be stopped. America’s Progressive Marxists / Collectivists are trying to destroy American culture by drowning the country with desperate, non-skilled 3rd Worlders. Evidently, these lunatics want this country to look like San Francisco.

    1. You can have a police state built on the idiotic fantasy that the “border” can be “secured” to stop a non-existent phenomenon (the US Constitution clearly and unambiguously forbids the US government to regulate immigration, meaning there’s no such thing as “illegal immigration”), or you can have America. Pick one.

      1. Another bizarre and puerile response from the website “moderator”. Of course the US Constitution regulates immigration into the country.

        Article I, Section 8, Clause 18:

        [The Congress shall have Power . . . ] To make all Laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into Execution the foregoing Powers, and all other Powers vested by this Constitution in the Government of the United States, or in any Department or Officer thereof.

        1. Regulating immigration is not only not a “foregoing” power or “vested by this Constitution in the Government,” it is clearly and unambiguously prohibited to that government in Article I, Section 9, Article V, and Amendment 10.

      2. Have you banned the commenter Sazu (sp) from the website T. Knapp? Are you a moderator, commenter or a contributor? They are not the same thing you must realize.

        1. “Have you banned the commenter Sazu (sp) from the website T. Knapp?”

          Yes. After three warnings about violating our guidelines and three “f*ck off, ban me, I do what I want” responses.

          “Are you a moderator, commenter or a contributor?”


    2. USA is corporate land, the so called Marxists and collectivists do not exist and rule anything, and if they did they would want to increase people’s level of education to raise them up.

      Corporations want cheap labor, and it’s those who have it in demand.
      Also, the reds states are all worse in living quality, the rightwingers are in fact voting themselves into early graves, even before ignoring the danger that is the covid-virus.

  2. Trump may not have started wars when he was the president and Russia may have started no wars under his watch but Trump was not exactly a peace time president. He scrapped the Iran Deal and sent a drone there to kill Soleimani and he rolled back trade and diplomatic ties with Cuba.
    Trump, Desantis and many other Republican Candidates may want to negotiate with Russia and Ukraine to end the war but they want a war with Mexico and it is not even our enemy. They want to do to Mexico what Bush Sr did to Panama but make that war last much longer. If war with Mexico breaks out, the drug cartels will take the war to the USA. It will be the first war after the 19th Century that will be fought in the USA.

    1. They all want to weaken Russia (maybe apart from Trump) and the war in Ukraine can do exactly that.
      But ultimately the goal is China who is economically too strong at this point and Taiwan can be used in a similar manner.

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