John Mearsheimer: I Think the Russians Now Have the Upper Hand

Foreign Policy expert John Mearsheimer on the current state of the Ukraine-Russian War.

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23 thoughts on “John Mearsheimer: I Think the Russians Now Have the Upper Hand”

  1. The quote above. My response: “Duh! Ya think?” This is why I don’t pay that much attention to Mearsheimer. Like a lot of these “realist foreign policy” guys, they tend to say what is already obvious to anyone who was paying attention for the last ten to twenty years. “Israel influenced the US to go to war in Iraq” – oh, gee, I would never have guessed. He’s also next to clueless about military capability and strategy so ignore him on that subject.

    1. Its quite obvious he lacks the insight into the depth of the geopolitical storm active currently. He has western media agency and connections but also needs to pay the bills, so he sort plays a role of an alt-media peruser and summariser for MSM platforms. He, however doesn’t have the tools for critical analysis of his findings from alt media so he comes off as a paradox.

  2. The Mearsheimer video is good but predates the Ukraine counteroffensive, so it is a little out of date. But that does not change the analysis: Russia has a huge military advantage over Ukraine, now and into the future.

    What I find worrying in Mearsheimer’s analysis is his conclusion that the war is now an existential matter for the countries in NATO, because they depend on NATO for security and will feel quite unprotected if Russia decisively wins the Ukraine conflict. For the US the outcome is not an existential threat, but for Europe it could be so. And what matters is how the European countries perceive it, not how the US perceives it.

    That is worrisome because the conflict becomes an existential matter for both Russia and Europe, both of which have nuclear weapons. I am increasingly concerned that the US and Europe are sleepwalking into WWIII.

    Heaven help us all!

    1. The chances of Russia “decisively winning” the conflict are infinitesimal. Which is why some of the European states are already backing off their earlier plans to massively boost military spending. They now know the only Russian military threat to them is nuclear.

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