Conflicts of Interest: Can the West Win the Long War in Ukraine?

On COI #473, Kyle Anzalone discusses the latest news about the war in Ukraine.

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9 thoughts on “Conflicts of Interest: Can the West Win the Long War in Ukraine?”

  1. The West will bankrupt itself with its proxy war in Ukraine and the wars fighting in Syria and Iraq and its secret wars that are more secret than Reagan’s war in Nicaragua.

    1. I fear we have said / hoped so before, yet the debt ceiling fight perpetually comes to naught, the US national debt or annual deficit never has consequences, and there’s always more to borrow or reallocate to maintain an obscenely large military, a thousand foreign bases, and any war that looks useful enough.

      1. One day, it will matter.

        But some new empire will take lead of the world, perhaps with many of the same actors hopping from the US to the next place, offering “expertise.”

    2. The US might bankrupt itself with domestic spending, if Democrats remain in charge. That could well be more significant.

      1. The US might also bankrupt itself with domestic spending if Republicans remain in charge (which, when it comes to spending, they are at the moment — every last dollar borrowed and spent is first appropriated by the Republican-controlled House of Representatives).

  2. Ukraine’s last fresh brigade is now used up in heavy fighting to take Volodyne. It is a formerly Jewish agricultural colony of 286 inhabitants.

    Before that the last intact elite brigade, trained and equipped by NATO, was used to attack Avdiivka, a town of about 2,500. They hold part of the town, and this is done by letting some hide in buildings where they are hit by artillery, and then moving in more to hide in buildings and be hit by artillery, and repeat this until the brigade is too badly damaged to continue.

    No, Ukraine can’t win the war against Donbass. Their best chance was when Zelensky amassed his invasion army to attack in February 2022, when their shelling of the people in Donbass increased to nearly 2,000 shells per day, but Russia stopped them.

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