‘Ukraine First!’ Foreign War Funding Is a Main Culprit In Government Shutdown

From today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

While each side is jockeying for position in political points, the fact remains that one of the main factors precipitating the coming government shutdown is the insistence by both parties to continue sending money we do not have to a losing war in Ukraine. Also today: McConnell claims sending more money to Ukraine is the “number one priority right now for the United States.” Really?

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

11 thoughts on “‘Ukraine First!’ Foreign War Funding Is a Main Culprit In Government Shutdown”

  1. The “shutdown” won’t happen. They virtually never do; off the top of my head the only one comes to mind was during Clinton’s presidency, and even that seemed to amount to ‘Oh, the Statue of Liberty and Smithsonian are closed’ because of it.

    It’s the worst kind of political theatre, because no other outcome is ever possible – just “in the 11th hour and in overtime when it’s 4th Down and inches, somehow magically the Bipartisan Party managed to ink a deal ! USA, USA !!”

    1. The second shutdown of the Clinton era was one of the most noticeable ones because it was the second-longest (21 days — the 2018-2019 shutdown went 35 days). There have been ten since 1980 (when an AG legal opinion created them), but seven of them lasted only 1-5 days.

      1. My venerable Perception Bias strikes again and makes foolery of my memories. Thank you Thomas ! First, glad I had at least the correct President for that first record-holder; and second, I suppose I noticed that one only because everyone else took notice.

        Suggesting I took notice because it may have been a repeated feature on SNL’s Weekend Update, which was about when I last held interest in SNL. Think the Clinton shutdown was during Dennis Miller’s run on ‘Update ? Into Nealon’s perhaps ? Why shouldn’t I continue to guess first and verify after…? Ha ha.

        1. Nerp – Norm MacDonald. Good hells my memory sux. No wonder about half the Mandela Effect examples irk me.

        2. Well, I had to look it up. The longer of the two Clinton shutdowns is the big one in my memory too, because I actually got to personally discuss it with “my” congressman when he showed up at a local “conservative” breakfast club.

          The excuse for the shutdown was that “Republicans were trying to cut Medicare.” I knew that wasn’t the case. The Republicans wanted to grow it by 3.x% and the Democrats wanted 5.x%, but neither party was talking about cutting it.

          So, after “my” congressman gave a big long speech about the need to cut spending (in general) and how he and other Republicans were standing up to big spender Clinton, when the Q&A time came around I asked him “why cut Medicare.” At which point he explained that no, the Republicans didn’t want to cut Medicare, they just wanted to grow it more slowly than the Democrats did. My follow-up was “well what spending ARE you trying to cut?” He babbled out some weird non-answer and got to the next questioner ASAP.

  2. Maybe start a “Go Fund Me” for Ukraine funding. Those who wist to support the war can donate. Leave the US taxpayer out of it?

  3. Shutdown would be OK with me. May keep us all from getting blown up in the big one …. nuclear war from this excuse of a proxy war with Ukraine. I dare you big guys…. do it!!!

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