Gaza and Biden’s Failure of Leadership

Biden isn’t just sticking with “decades-old military backing of Israel.” He is actively supporting an ongoing war without conditions.

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Susan Glasser seems surprised that Americans are paying more attention to a devastating war that their government is backing unconditionally than they are to a visiting foreign leader:

It says much about this moment in U.S. politics that, on Thursday, when demonstrators staged a die-in on San Francisco’s Bay Bridge timed to the APEC summit, they were protesting Biden’s strong support for Israel in the wake of the October 7th terrorist attack by Hamas and subsequent Israeli attack of Gaza, not anything having to do with Xi.

It would be bizarre if there were more American protesters showing up to condemn Xi than to protest Biden’s policy when Biden is their president and he is currently giving full support to a disastrous war that has killed thousands of innocent people in just a few weeks. There are plenty of things to protest about the Chinese government’s actions, but at the moment they aren’t the ones providing weapons and diplomatic cover for a military campaign against a densely-populated, besieged enclave where children make up nearly half the population. It is normal for people to put more effort in trying to influence their own government, and obviously lots of Americans believe that there is an urgent need to pressure the Biden administration to change its terrible policy.

Glasser talked to Andrei Cherny, who made this very strange comment:

“It feels like, in some ways, the first real foreign-policy debate among Democrats in the post-Cold War era,” Cherny told me. His view is that, while there have been strong disagreements among Democrats in recent decades on foreign-policy issues such as the U.S. invasion of Iraq, most Democrats eventually came to see that war as a mistake.

If Cherny thinks this is the first real foreign policy debate among Democrats in the last thirty years, he hasn’t been paying attention. It is true that many Democratic supporters of the invasion, including Biden, eventually came around to the view that it was a mistake, but for years the party leadership and most of their contenders for the presidential nomination supported the war and disagreed with Bush only over how he was conducting it. They judged that was the politically “smart” position to take, only to scramble and change course when things started to get even worse in 2005 and 2006.

Between 2002 and at least 2006, opposition to the war inside the party came almost entirely from the left, and the out-of-touch leadership was just as clueless then as it is proving to be now. Maybe four or five years from now many of the Democratic politicians cheering on the war in Gaza will change their tune, but right now they are playing the same role that Biden, Kerry, Clinton, and others played in 2002-03. The comparison with the Iraq war debate is a useful reminder that U.S. policy right now is being set and supported by some of the same Democrats that voted for authorizing that disastrous war then.

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5 thoughts on “Gaza and Biden’s Failure of Leadership”

  1. Imperialist and Zionist Neocons in both fake parties, and plenty of USAmericans supporting them. This was funny in Idiocracy. In real life though it twists up that gut-feeling that many things will begin to suck soon.

  2. This article sent me on quite a rabbit hole. Given the title and picture of this author’s sub stack, I guessed they might be orthodox. Doing some digging I guess they’re a professor or something and convert to “Russian” orthodoxy.

    But in doing so, I found an article on another website by another author who clearly had it out for our author of this article, accusing him of supporting Russia too much during the Georgian conflict. While I kept reading this new author, I found quite literally hundreds of articles where this guy was acting nothing short of completely unhinged, and it feels like it’s been awhile since I read the writing of a complete madman.

    To make matters worse, the second author appeared to be Russian (my guess since he kept saying “our Russian orthodoxy” in half of his articles mockingly) and also a lawyer and now judge. May god have mercy on whoever ends up in his court

  3. Joe Biden’s decision to supply wholeheartly Israel with thousands of American-made Hellfire missiles and bombs, in violation of international law, to kill innocent civilians and destroy hospitals, schools, appartments etc. in Gaza, is a new post WWII moral low for an American administration.

    What is next ?
    A nuclear world war to destroy the world to fulfill some religious nuts’ wish for an Armageddon?

    Keep in mind that Biden has alluded, on October 6, 2022, to the “prospect of Armageddon,” in his exchange of threats with V. Putin about Ukraine.

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