Why Is It ‘Empire First,’ Instead of ‘America First’?

On today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

America wasn’t meant to be an empire, but a land of individual liberty. Empires destroy liberty. Why must our money be taken from us for weapons and endless war? Our money shouldn’t be taken from us at all, let alone for that! Why not use our money to fix our deteriorating country? Why do our politicians constantly complain about our deteriorating country, yet constantly vote for weapons and war? Why do politicians speak “America First,” but vote “Empire First”? Why do they complain about our poor, but vote to make more of us poor? Since Empires always go bankrupt, why are our politicians pushing us to that extreme? Are they that terrified of us being free?  Ron is joined by Chris Rossini.

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

11 thoughts on “Why Is It ‘Empire First,’ Instead of ‘America First’?”

  1. Another great show. The way you articulate the ideas of liberty, nonintervention, and sound money in such a simple and easy to understand way is invaluable. I hope we are lucky enough to have the opportunity to rebuild on the sound principles of liberty, and this whole mess does not end in the extinction level event of nuclear war.

  2. America was meant to be an empire. It was founded on land stolen from Native Americans. The Pilgrims committed ethnic cleansing and genocide against the Native Americans, they brought slaves from Africa because they killed Native Americans with wars and diseases.
    They pushed the Native Americans further west and colonized that land. The US Empire expanded beyond its borders by annexing Alaska and Hawaii and taking Spain’s last colonies in the Western Hemisphere and Pacific.
    If the Pilgrims stayed in Holland after leaving England, they’d have their freedom and avoid wars, ethnic cleansing, genocide and slavery.They left Holland because they wanted their own empire and to deny freedom to Non Whites.

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