Israeli Children Sing of Gaza Annihilation In HUGE Public Relations Fail!

A video by Israel’s public broadcaster of children singing about Gaza has caused a backlash online.  It has since been removed from their network.

From The Jimmy Dore Show.   Jimmy has the full video with a translation and commentary.

24 thoughts on “Israeli Children Sing of Gaza Annihilation In HUGE Public Relations Fail!”

  1. Listen to the tempo, I write music and this is a military song. A military campaign song where they use indoctrinated chilren as the subjects to attract support. To think that they really believe that this would bolster support for their genocide, speaks volumes. Either the neurons in their brains must have a different kind of connection configuration, the evil kind, or they have something else between their ears.

  2. Jimmy Dore! Jimmy Dore! But, why remove it? I had it on constant replay to help me go to sleep at night like a baby!

  3. Hi Jimmy, I would love to see an episode like they do on HGTV of Palestinians returning to their homes after they were remodeled. Can’t wait for the reveal! They’re going to love what they did with their place. It’s going to make me cry for sure.

    1. I guess Palestinians might still win Israel, because though West Bank is vanishing, Elon Musk wants to rebuild Gaza without Hamas. So, Gaza will presumably survive this ordeal.

      I assume Gaza will become a “smart” city filled with surveillance, but that might not be much different from the de facto present Gaza.

  4. But these are the children of the very civilized and cultured state of Israel unlike the savage, primitive animal like “Ayrabs” who only teach their children about hate and killing.

        1. That is depressing.

          I keep being told that Hamas decapitated babies by people who insisted George Floyd was mudered, before changing mind, and believing in the Covid vaccines.

          All anyone cares about in the US is money.

  5. I picture a dead Arab”: In disturbing video, Israeli children’s words echo indoctrination

    “ How did it feel to imagine killing Arabs? “I felt happy” one girl answers.
    She was one of several children who spoke about committing acts of violence in this video shot at the Israeli army museum by Israeli satirical filmmaker Itamar Rose.

    But the children’s answers – in Hebrew and subtitled in English – are serious. As they climb all over tanks, sit at machine-guns positions, or explain how to use a hand-grenade, Rose asks them their views.

    Without hesitation, the children express their readiness to kill. Asked what he imagined when he was sitting in a tank, one boy answers, “I picture a dead Arab.”

  6. Talk about showing your true colors! They are so enamored with themselves, with their god given destiny, that they have forgotten everything else. What an embarrassment of propaganda, it deserves an award!

    1. When I’ve talked with supposed Zionists online, they claim that all nations hate one another and that no one cares what Israel does to Palestinians.

      I could be receiving bad info, but I generally get the impression that Israel makes Jews look so bad that it won’t long endure.

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