Conflicts of Interest: How Netanyahu Aided and Used Hamas

On COI #506, Connor Freeman breaks down his recent article on the ties between Hamas and Tel Aviv. This article was mentioned by Dave Smith several times on his latest appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience.

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2 thoughts on “Conflicts of Interest: How Netanyahu Aided and Used Hamas”

  1. The New York Times, in its Nov. 30 edition, has revealed that the Israeli government knew about the Hamas’s plan to carry widespread attacks against Israel on October 7th, and that, more than one year before the attacks. This is all detailed in a 40-page document
    -What is less known is to what extent the Israeli government was directly or indirectly complicit in that plan or dud it facilitate its implementation.
    -Why it did less than nothing to prevent it, while taking steps instead to reduce the number of Israeli soldiers at the Gaza blockade to move them to the West bank.
    -Why it dismissed so many warnings coming from many sources that Hamas was preparing “something big“.
    –And, finally, since the Mossad and the CIA usually work very closely and share information with each other, to what extent the Biden administration was privy to the Hamas plan.

    It would seem obvious that official enquiries should be undertaken, by the United Nations, by the US government and by the International Criminal Court (ICC), to discover the entire truth behind what has led to the Israeli government implementing a blueprint of ethnic cleansing and even of open genocide in the Strip of Gaza,. This has resulted, so far, in more than 15,000 deaths, most of them civilian, and the destruction of more than 100,000 buildings in Gaza.

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