The US ‘Solving World Problems’ Is Increasingly Reminiscent of Kafkaesque Stories

The United States is investing into the Ukrainian economy amounts equal to the budgets of some states. In return we, taxpayers, who have become unwitting sponsors of this support, receive only news about high-profile defeats and the loss of strategically important territories by Kyiv. This time, the fallen “bastion of Ukrainian defense” was Avdiivka. The news is painfully familiar after loss of Mariupol, Bakhmut and other cities extolled by the media as key elements of Ukrainian military power. Russia is moving inexorably towards its goal, despite all the efforts of the United States, its partners and Ukraine.

At the same time, if you dig deeper and understand the situation, discarding propaganda, the conflict in Ukraine does not look quite like the media portrays it. I have many arguments that the basis of this terrible tragedy is the internecine conflict of the Slavs, artificially inflated and brought by external forces to a confrontation between Russia and the West. Russia itself, apparently, did not plan such large-scale actions, which can be indirectly evidenced by the fact that it accepts the largest number of Ukrainian refugees. Despite the propaganda and attempts to demonize Moscow, many Ukrainians still have close ties to their neighbors and are actually willing to live there, even after the outbreak of the war.

For obvious reasons this fact is not particularly popular in the media, since the idea that the war isn’t rooted in the confrontation with the West will not bring dividends to key investors. In particular, the war in Ukraine is now one of the main causes of disagreement between Republicans and Democrats. And its outcome could become a decisive event in their election battle.

Nevertheless, since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine, its perception among the population has been steadily changing. Almost a third of US citizens believe that Washington gave out more money than the situation required. Another third believes that Ukraine has received enough, and it’s time for the White House to stop funding this obviously losing conflict. We can safely assume that this trend will continue, and over time, more and more people will realize the uselessness of these unreasonable expenses.

Unfortunately, despite the public’s attitude, Biden and the Democrats can hardly afford to stop. From the very beginning of the conflict, they put everything they had on the line, loudly declaring their unconditional support for Ukraine until its victory:

  • 21 February 2023: “Ukraine will never be a victory for Russia. Never. (Applause.)”
  • 13 July 2023: “We will not waver… for as long as it takes.”
  • 24 August 2023: “Our commitment to Ukraine’s independence is unwavering and enduring.”
  • 21 September 2023: “Mr. President [Zelensky], we’re – we’re with you, and we’re staying with you.”
  • 7 December 2023: “We can’t let Putin win.”

The Democrats have actually driven themselves into a hopeless situation. As soon as they change their approach even a little the Republicans will instantly remember all their statements, which will be another reputational blow to the Biden team.

We have become “hostages” of the elections and are forced to pay for “resolution of conflicts” that do not concern us. However, no real solution is expected in the near future.

Martin Averick is a Nashville-based researcher. He is currently pursuing a degree in International Relations from the Vanderbilt University.

2 thoughts on “The US ‘Solving World Problems’ Is Increasingly Reminiscent of Kafkaesque Stories”

  1. The US does not solve the world’s problems, it causes them and makes existing problems worse. The US is not the most moral and democratic nation in the world like it says it is. The US does not live up to what it says about itself.

  2. Kafkaesque implies a story without final resolution but that’s hardly the case here. Russia’s steady, systematic progress in grinding up the NATO proxy may seem slow but it’s coming in like the tide…

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