15 thoughts on “WATCH: Live Stream at Assange Courthouse”

    1. We, the house on the hill, the “rules- based” nation will veto any motion to punish Israel, or lift the occupation. What is foreseen by me is Israel taking over Gaza (after dispensing of all Palestinians) and the West Bank, then defying the world to do anything about it. Then move on to Lebanon. Then bomb Iran, perhaps using a tactical nuke. Once again, defying the world to do anything to stop them, with Israel screaming, “anti-Semitic” at the world. Am I nuts?

    2. To his credit Andrew Wilkie has been leading the charge [He’s independent]

      In the end – remember for how long this has been going on – Julian Assange is too ill to attend court – the present AU government has left it too late so now this last ditch attempt is political point scoring.


      Canberra could have done a lot more over the years like threaten to close all US military and spy activities as leverage they never did – AU is a US puppet state.

        1. I think the entire world ought to go on strike until Julian is freed and the entire chain of command from the top down is held accountable for the crimes that were exposed by the Wikileaks revelations.

          That the US claims to be exceptional and above international laws isn’t a logical argument that would withstand scrutiny in any court case, neither is threatening a court [The ICC] like the US did yet nothing has come of it except that the investigation was dropped and the new chief prosecutor has a history of defending war criminals.

          Unless Julian Assange is freed asap I’m rapidly losing whatever lingering hope I once had for justice.

          We should all withhold our labor until our demands are met.

  1. Sorry about the diatribe earlier on another subject. Quite off subject. I see a connection. Journalism, honest journalism, is under attack. One mode of attack is the Julan Assange case, with has no basis in fact. Another mode of attack is the shrinking of the press, newspapers. Chris Hedges discussed this in a post on Scheerpost.com: https://scheerpost.com/2024/02/17/chris-hedges-the-collapse-of-us-media-is-accelerating-our-political-crisis/ Orwell was right!

      1. In the context of things that’s purely circumstantial, the important issue here is Julian Assange.

        While Julian is incarcerated on trumped up charges none of us are free.

        Political power remains exactly where it was and is simply not allowed to be transferred to the plebs.

      2. Unsurprising. Navalny did quite a bit of Wikileaks-style exposure of the Russian regime’s corruption, especially Putin’s billion dollar palace and millions of dollars in embezzlement by members of Kadyrov’s quisling regime in Chechnya.

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