Pentagon and Neocons Seek To ‘Trump-Proof’ Ukraine Military Aid

On today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Pentagon and NATO officials are reportedly considering moving under NATO control a multi-national group that coordinates military aid to Ukraine. Control is currently in US hands, but the deep state fears a re-elected President Trump may attempt to stop their endless war machine. Also today: Biden’s crocodile tears over Israel’s slaughter of aid workers.

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

5 thoughts on “Pentagon and Neocons Seek To ‘Trump-Proof’ Ukraine Military Aid”

    1. You can include Woodrow Wilson (WWI involvement, after campaigning on keeping the U.S. out, armaments aboard the Lusitania – both of my grandfathers fought in WWI) and Franklin Roosevelt (provoking Japan into attacking, starting off the Pacific Theater end of WWII – an uncle was a Marine in the Pacific, my father was in the Army in the ME, North Africa, Normandy, etc).

      1. Thanks for your time Vlp1730. You know your history like myself, and I share this to help educate those who are curious.

        Apr 6, 2017 A Century Ago Woodrow Wilson Took America Into WWI: Blame Him For Communism, Fascism, and Nazism

        A century ago Congress declared war on Imperial Germany. It was a bizarre decision: the secure New World voluntarily joined the Old World slaughterhouse, consigning more than 117,000 Americans to death for no intelligible reason.

  1. He won’t. After all, he gave Kiev javelin anti-tank weapons, pulled out of two treaties with Russia that kept us safe. Russia too. Besides, in the words of a mobster, “he (Trump) don’t keep his word”.

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