Merchants of Death War Crimes Tribunal: A Conversation With Pulitzer Prize-Winning Journalist Matthieu Aikins

The Merchants of Death War Crimes Tribunal is holding accountable – through video testimony of witnesses – U.S. weapons manufacturers who produce and sell products which attack and kill not only combatants but non-combatants as well. Each week the Tribunal issues a new video segment offering evidence of guilt for the commission of War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity.

In this video episode, the War Crimes Tribunal interviews Matthieu Aikins, Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist who has reported from Afghanistan and the Middle East since 2008. Aikins received the 2022 Pulitzer for international reporting as part of a New York Times team that investigated civilian casualties from US airstrikes.

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Brad Wolf, a former lawyer, professor, and community college dean, is co-founder of Peace Action Network of Lancaster and writes for World BEYOND War. He is the author of the upcoming book on Philip Berrigan entitled A Ministry of Risk.