Biden’s ‘Moment of Truth’

While he pleads with Congress for more funding for weapons, there is an intensifying famine in Gaza created by the government that Biden insists on supporting and defending.

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The president published another strange op-ed tying the wars in Ukraine and Gaza together. His immediate goal was to urge Congress to pass a bill funding more military aid for Ukraine and Israel, but to do that he insists on linking the two wars together as if they are comparable and equally worthy of support. This is the same line he has been pushing for months ever since he decided to try to use Congressional support for Israel to get more funding for Ukraine last year. It was a strained and unpersuasive argument six months ago, and now it is just insulting.

The U.S. shouldn’t be providing any military assistance to Israel for its current war(s). Not only has the Israeli government used U.S.-made weapons to commit war crimes, but it has also been impeding and blocking the delivery of humanitarian aid as part of a policy of using starvation as a weapon against the people of Gaza. Further weapons transfers to Israel should be out of the question. There shouldn’t be one more cent spent on military aid to a government responsible for such crimes. U.S. forces shouldn’t be used to protect a bad client from the consequences of its actions.

It has been a terrible mistake to tie military assistance to Ukraine to support for the war in Gaza. Every time Biden tries to sell both as a package deal, he brings further discredit on his Ukraine policy by association with an indefensible policy in the Middle East. As it happens, Biden’s “pro-Israel” belligerence has done nothing to win over skeptics of his Ukraine policy, and it is odd that he ever expected that it would.

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9 thoughts on “Biden’s ‘Moment of Truth’”

  1. Biden is trying to hit two birds with one stone. He is blackmailing opponents of the Ukraine aid by tyin it to Israeli military support which none in congress would dare to question or oppose.

  2. Johnson is a lot like Biden and the late John McCain and thinks wars should go on forever and like most US Politicians, he portrays Israel as the victim and Gaza as the perpetrator and it’s the other way around.
    Israel uses US made weapons to wreak havoc all over the Middle East and is currently using them to commit genocide in Gaza.
    Israel uses the economic aid it gets from the US and many of its allies to commit ethnic cleansing in Gaza, the W Bank and E Jerusalem.
    Biden is using the Ukrainians as cannon fodder and caused the war to happen due to NATO expansion.

    1. Johnson is SO Christian. As an ardent believer of Jesus Christ, he believes in the wholesale slaughter of non-Christians (even though Israel is doing its best to expel Christian churches from the region (the Armenian church, which has been in Jerusalem since the 4th Century is under attack by settlers). Using his pulpit to spread hate and death.

      1. I really don’t think he cares if the Arab people being slaughtered are Muslims or Christians. They’ve never been concerned for the welfare of indigenous Christians in any of our misadventures in the ME.

      2. I suspect he’s a fake, but I could be wrong..

        He pretends to support one set or another of positions, but it’s an act. Senator Cotton: What does he believe in? I just sense that they’re fakes.

  3. Dear President Joe,
    Is a Third World War, a thing you care to see?…
    Check out Prophecy in good book and other book I refer to:

    1. Dear President Joe: Make sure your toupee is on straight, your depends is perfectly in place, be sure to stand close enough to the teleprompter, remember the hand and arm jesters, don’t squint too much. When WWIII hits, just follow the Secret Service men to AF 1, where you will be whisked to whatever mountain your new office is. You won’t need your aviator sunglasses there.

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