‘War Time’ Speaker Johnson’s Ukraine Border Defense Bill Leaves US Borders Wide Open!

On today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

House Speaker Mike Johnson said this week he considers himself a “war time” Speaker – even though we are not at war. But he seems to be at war with the American people, bringing up a bill to send a hundred billion dollars overseas while America struggles. Also today: will the Senate stop the super-spy bill?

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25 thoughts on “‘War Time’ Speaker Johnson’s Ukraine Border Defense Bill Leaves US Borders Wide Open!”

  1. I remember when a border wall, costing less, was seen as exorbitant.

    But no amount is too much for foreign policy. “Conservatives” support a strong “defence” after all.

  2. Couldn’t care less about US borders. There are 341,446,985 people (at least) in the US. Illegal immigrants account for approximately 4.4 percent of the population.

    If the United States society and economy can’t accommodate less than 5 percent of its population, one has to ask what is the problem with the US society and economy.

    I’ll tell you what the problem is: racism. That and both political parties using racism to divide the population and keep them busy arguing over BULLSHIT while they rob you blind. Which is exactly what they’ve been doing since literally the country was founded.

    Much as I respect Colonel Douglas Macgregor for his knowledge of military matters, when he goes off on that tangent in his interviews, I just think “Take that bullshit down the road.”

    And as for the so-called “fentanyl problem” – if the US population is so hooked on drugs, ask yourself “WHY?”. It’s because this society is sick, that’s why. And it’s kept that way by idiots who think it’s all the problem of “immigrants.”

    Breaking Down the Immigration Figures

    What we know about unauthorized immigrants living in the U.S.

    1. Immigration is always used as a Scapegoat to placate people. I wish more people would realize that.

      1. It’s a legitimate cost and legitimately lowers market wages. Farms would move overseas were farmers unable to hire illegals. The same would happen to meat packing plants and probably other industries.

        So, the jobs might just relocate to Guatemala, etc.

          1. Costs US government, helps US economy, helps US employers.

            They’re supposedly low crime on the whole, but clearly some very bad criminals get in also. Everyone knows most of them work hard and are appreciative of earning very little.

          2. These immigrants as I’ve come to know them as a group work no better than an average American. And are unwilling to work for less.

          3. Part of the issue is they often have nothing. It’s difficult to get started with nothing, especially if you have some problem.

        1. If American jobs move overseas, it might be better for Americans to move abroad for jobs than for immigrants to come to America.

          1. At some point white Americans will be wanting to relocate. If actually is an issue in some places like parts of Mexico. They don’t like having so many foreigners (whites) move in.

            I’ve only read about this, but I’ve talked with white Americans who love living in Mexico, when there.

          2. At some point some white Americans might want to relocate.

            Just like some Americans of other skin tones might want to.

            Wanting to relocate because the people around you don’t match the Pantone range you deem acceptable is kind of fucking stupid, but if people want to move they should be allowed to.

          3. I didn’t say what you interpreted me as saying.

            Let me rephrase: At some point even many white Americans descended from early colonists will at some point want to move because the world is always changing. The US won’t always be the premier destination.

            And that might have already begun.

          4. Societies and cultures and empires rise, peak, decline, and fall. There’s no reason to think that the US, either as an historical whole or as any of its fuzzily defined eras (revolution to civil war, civil war to New Deal, etc.) somehow found the Magic Perpetual Society Machine. Three thousand years from now, we will presumably be to that generation as the societies of 3,000 years ago are to us. And we may be one of the minor footnotes as opposed to being considered like an Egypt, a Greece, or a Rome.

            History doesn’t stop moving (unless humanity dies out).

          5. Considering the color of people in selection processes is an evil of abominable proportions. “White Americans”, there are actually none.

          6. Actually, all Americans are “white” by definition. The whole definition of “whiteness” was about whether or not one could be taken/held as a chattel slave. When that became illegal in the US in 1865, everyone became “white” by definition.

    2. It might be more than 4%. It is expensive: Socialised costs; privatised profits. Employers love hiring them! Eat the rich? In Soviet America the rich eat you.

      1. Better than 4%? Yeah – it could be 5%. As Don Rickles used to say, “What? that’s better?”

        Who cares? Anyone worried about the economy should be more concerned about getting rid of the biggest money sink in the country: the US government.

    3. There is only one country with no borders, Israel. Borders establish identities, identities reflect who we are and why we are who we are. Macgregor is stating a simple fact, different cultures are a result of borders. Our borders have produced this unique reality, we call it America. The more unregulated entry into our country, the greater chance for losing our unique Americanism.

      1. Open borders CREATED unique Americanism. It wasn’t until the 1880s that Congress started ignoring the constitutional prohibition on any federal power to regulate immigration. It wasn’t until 1947 that they started requiring a passport to enter the US, and even then not at the Mexican or Canadian borders until after 9/11. Increasing restrictions on immigration correlate strongly with the decline of the US.

  3. Ron Paul
    House Speaker Mike Johnson said this week he considers himself a “war time” Speaker – even though we are not at war.

    But he seems to be at war with the American people, bringing up a bill to send a hundred billion dollars overseas while America struggles.

    1. Interesting to see “conservative” Fox and Newsmax are ignoring any discussion of the controversial $100 BILLION foreign aid bills that the Uniparty expects to pass in cahoots on Saturday. Instead the focus is on the jurors picked for Trump’s Sham Show trial.

      1. Since the GWB administration (at least) Repugs have gone from “Big Government Spending is Bad” to “We Can Do Big Government Spending Better”. And of course there are always distraction issues to deflect attention from it.

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