Merchants of Death War Crimes Tribunal: Closing Argument with International Lawyer Richard Falk

The Merchants of Death War Crimes Tribunal is holding accountable – through video testimony of witnesses – U.S. weapons manufacturers who produce and sell products which attack and kill not only combatants but non-combatants as well. Each week the Tribunal issues a new video segment offering evidence of guilt for the commission of War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity.

In this video episode, the Tribunal provides its closing argument to the judges with a summation of U.S. militarism and corporate malfeasance given by renowned lawyer Richard Falk. Mr. Falk is a professor emeritus at Princeton University and has written over 20 books on international law, arms control, and the United Nations. This episode concludes all the evidence presented by the Tribunal. The judges will deliberate on the evidence provided since November 12, 2023 and will render a verdict at the end of June. That verdict will be video recorded and made available to the public and all the viewing members of this tribunal.

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Brad Wolf, a former lawyer, professor, and community college dean, is co-founder of Peace Action Network of Lancaster and writes for World BEYOND War. He is the author of the upcoming book on Philip Berrigan entitled A Ministry of Risk.

4 thoughts on “Merchants of Death War Crimes Tribunal: Closing Argument with International Lawyer Richard Falk”

  1. As Alastair Crooke pointed on Judge Nap yesterday, the only way this is ends if by military force. The only way to get a two-state solution is to displace the 800,000 Israeli settlers from the areas they have settled. As Crooke says, this can only be done by military force because Israel won't and can't do it

    As I've said repeatedly, even the Gaza slaughter won't stop until military force is used, let alone get a two-state solution, which, as Crooke also pointed out, is almost impossible due to the emotional reactions of both sides towards the other.

    Relative to those facts, the court case is irrelevant.

    1. Disagree, there are paths to peace and reconciliation that do not require massive population transfers:

      For example; the settlers in the West Bank could pay a fair price for the property they illegally took plus back rent to finally gain clear legal title. ( as per UNR 194 ) These settlers would be a minority ethnic presence within the pre-1967 Palestine state. However, being a minority isn’t a deal breaker. Jewish people live prosperous lives all over the world as minorities. Israel within the pre-1967 lines would be the Jewish State; also with sizable non-Jewish ethnic minorities.

      There are ways of achieving lasting and secure peace without massive killing and bloodletting.

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