Conflicts of Interest: Israel Has Destroyed Half of Gaza’s Buildings

Connor Freeman and Kyle Anzalone break down the latest news.

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One thought on “Conflicts of Interest: Israel Has Destroyed Half of Gaza’s Buildings”

  1. Israel has destroyed more than half of Gaza's buildings, killed so many people, stole so much aid meant for the people in Gaza being deprived of it and now it's using white phosphorous in Southern Lebanon and it will tell the people to go north to "safe zones" which are really danger zones that Israel will bomb.
    Most Americans are now against aid to Israel, that should make Biden, Trump and Kennedy lose votes and make people vote for Stein and other candidates against aid to Israel.
    The US is also continuing tension with Russia and China by creating "Cold War II". The West should ease tension with China and ease tension between Taiwan and China. It should negotiate with Putin and Zelensky to end the war in Ukraine.

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