GOP Moves To Defund Ukraine ‘Enemies List’ NGO – More Political Theater?

On today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Faced with broad outrage after a US government-linked Ukrainian NGO published an “enemies list” containing the names of several Members and Senators, the US House GOP moved yesterday to ban any further funding to the NGO. But… they will leave the rest of the funding for Ukraine intact. That’s DC partisan smoke and mirrors for you. Also today: NATO’s insane F-16 plan for Ukraine – will it spark WWIII?

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4 thoughts on “GOP Moves To Defund Ukraine ‘Enemies List’ NGO – More Political Theater?”

  1. Bad apple is not just the Ukrainian project, bad apple is the whole global empire project. Ukrainian project is only a part of it. It is an important part because the goal of it is to undermine Russian state which is the main handicap in the way of full spectrum global dominance.
    Global Empire project is not only evil and anti-democratic but also unachievable.

    1. You are in the know Mikhailovich.

      Apr 10, 2021 Full spectrum aggression: 10 years of war on Syria

      Press TV, 10 April 2021. Before the war on Syria broke out, Syria had two main products for revenues: agriculture and oil. Together they accounted for about one-half of the country's GDP. Agriculture, for instance, accounted for about 26% of GDP and employed 25% of the total labor force.

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    Russian Warships, including a frigate & a nuclear capable submarine, have docked in Havana. This is the first time Russia has sent a submarine to Cuba. The US is trying to downplay the incident. But is this Putin's latest warning to the West over its escalations in Ukraine?

  3. Jun 14, 2024 Putin Offers Ceasefire If Ukraine Drops NATO Bid, Pulls Troops From 4 Regions; NATO-US Slam Demands

    Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the freezing of Russian assets abroad is "theft " and warned that the move would "not go unpunished". Putin set out what he said were Russia‘s preconditions for starting peace talks with Ukraine. He said Russia would be ready for such talks “tomorrow” if Ukrainian troops withdraw from the four annexed regions of Ukraine. Putin said Russia could agree to Kyiv "maintaining Ukrainian sovereignty" over the southern Kherson and Zaporizhzhia regions. US Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin rejected Putin's demands that Ukraine withdraw its troops from territory claimed by Moscow. NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg said conditions set out by Putin for initiating Ukraine peace talks are "not a proposal made in good faith."

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