Conflicts of Interest: Israel Attempts to Burn Southern Lebanon

On COI #615, Kyle Anzalone discusses the latest news from Ukraine and Israel.

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6 thoughts on “Conflicts of Interest: Israel Attempts to Burn Southern Lebanon”

  1. Israel is doing a Scorched Earth Policy in Lebanon. It is committing genocide there as it is in Gaza. It will expand settlements into Lebanon if the settlers don't suffer from radiation from the white phosphorus.

      1. Neither is clubbing someone to death. Genocide is constantly killing people from a certain group and others not so much.

  2. Filling in for Dave!

    New word = proprotors.

    Spending to place troops at risk from a faulty Osprey clutch.

    1. Why is there a clutch in this aircraft? Is there any other aircraft in all of aviation history with a clutch?????


      1. Almost all helicopters have clutches. The reason the Osprey has a clutch is that it's a "tilt-rotor" aircraft that functions like a helicopter in certain respects. When there's an engine problem in a helicopter (or the Osprey), the clutch disengages the rotors from the engine so that the rotors contine spinning for a more controlled landing.

        Source: ChatGPT

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