Crimean Bridge Bombing: First Thoughts

A couple of hours ago, I was contacted by WION, the major English language television broadcaster of India, with request that I comment on BBC reports that the Crimean bridge had been bombed and all passenger car traffic on the bridge was suspended.

The BBC prides itself on being “the world leader of Breaking News” and indeed they were true to their word on being first on the story. Their Moscow bureau chief Steve Rosenberg and team report only intermittently from Russia when there is some news development which the editors can give the necessary anti-Putin, anti-Russian spin.  The attack on the bridge suited their purposes brilliantly.

Meanwhile, The Financial Times and the New York Times so far have been very circumspect, essentially limiting their coverage to issuing a photo of the damaged section of the bridge which tells its own story: namely that this time it was not the part of the bridge span that soars high above the waterway, as happened in the first rocket attack on the bridge last fall.  No, this time it was a low section of the bridge, which presumably will be repaired in a much shorter time frame.

As for the Russians, they have issued almost no report on the bombing other than to tell us that a family of three from the nearby region were victims: the two parents died on the spot from the explosion and their adolescent daughter is now in hospital but her life is not in danger.

The Ukrainians have not yet taken responsibility for the attack but pro-Ukraine information sources tell us that the bridge is a fair target in the war because of its importance in supplying war materiel to the Russian forces engaged in the Ukraine war.

Allow me first to challenge that justification:  the traffic capacity on the bridge today is entirely occupied moving vacationers in their cars to and from Crimea. This is peak season and there have been kilometers long lines on the mainland side waiting to access the bridge and reach holiday destinations on the peninsula.  Military traffic surely is confined to the separate, parallel railroad bridge, which was not attacked. And so we may conclude that the sole purpose of the attack was purely terrorist, in the sense of instilling dread in the general civilian population of Russia and turning them away from Crimean vacations.  At present, the authorities in Crimea say that all vacationers who are now stuck there will have their hotel stays extended automatically by the hoteliers at no expense till a solution for their return is arrived at.

Now, the essential question is what may we expect by way of Russian response to this Ukrainian attack. I will speculate a bit, if you will.

Let us remember that the marine attacks on Russian naval vessels and infrastructure in and around Sevastopol till now have been aided and abetted by the special forces of one country: the United Kingdom.  It is an educated guess that the Brits were entirely behind this attack on the Crimean bridge.   It would be reasonable to expect that the Kremlin is of the same opinion.

That being the case, the logical Russian response will be to attack BRITISH assets, British infrastructure, not to bomb Kiev into the stone age, which is well within their power.

As the eponymous Russian talk show reminds us “time will tell.”

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Ben Cohen, Man of Peace, Defender of Julian Assange

In vernacular English, we speak admiringly of people who “put their money where their mouth is.” Translation into proper English: we tend to admire people who not only support a cause with fine words but dip into their pocket book to support the cause financially.

In this day and age when millionaires are, as they say, “a dime a dozen,” and you have to be a billionaire to stand out, it is highly regrettable that the billionaires among us, many of them Silicon Valley genius entrepreneurs, tend to be Neanderthals when it comes to social justice in domestic affairs and Neoconservatives when it comes to foreign policy and perpetuation of the American global hegemony.

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Gilbert Doctorow: NBC ‘Fake News’ on US-Russian Talks About an ‘Off Ramp’ to the Ukraine War in April 2023 That Never Took Place

News portals in Ukraine and elsewhere in Europe were quick to pick up a feature item today on entitled “Former U.S. officials have held secret Ukraine talks with prominent Russians.” The subtitle goes on: “The aim of the discussions is to lay the groundwork for potential negotiations to end the war, people briefed on the talks tell NBC News.”

The very notion that such talks could have taken place elicited disparaging comments from the usual suspects who would not miss a chance to be in the public eye: former U,S. ambassador to Russia, Michael McFaul, and Matt Dimmick, a former Russia and Eastern Europe director at the National Security Council. Said comments form part of the NBC report.

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What Is Ukraine Doing in the Town of Shebekino, Belgorod Oblast and What Consequences May We Expect?

Possible evolution of the conflict to total destruction of Kherson and annihilation of the Kiev regime

Allow me to draw the attention of readers to the ongoing Ukrainian artillery attack on the border city of Shebekino in the RF oblast of Belgorod. This is not the sporadic shelling that the city of Donetsk has undergone over the course of years from fortified positions of the Ukrainian army that were put in place since 2014. No, it is an assault measured in hundreds of artillery shells during the past 24 hours as well as attempted armed incursions of Ukrainian fighters across the border. Several hundred residences and apartment buildings in Shebekino have been damaged or destroyed in the past several days.

Children have now been evacuated to further points in the oblast and in neighboring Voronezh oblast if not further still, where they are being put up in summer camp facilities. Adults are now being moved out as well from the entire border region of which the town of Shebekino, with its population of 39,000 is a part. Those who can are leaving in their own vehicles. Others are being moved by emergency workers.

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Views on Russia and Ukraine: Who Is Delusional?

Over the past several months, I have seen the word “delusional” applied to those, like myself, who bring nonconformist, non-mainstream news and views about Russia and the Ukraine war to the reading public. Language is constantly evolving, and the shopworn label “Putin stooge” has now been replaced by this more generalized but similarly derogatory ad hominem labeling.

Allow me then to ask whether it is not the accusers who are truly “delusional” by insisting on a Washington narrative that is daily being ground into the dirt, as are Germany’s Leopard tanks and America’s Patriot air defense systems in Ukraine by technically superior Russian military hardware.

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What Are the Russians Saying About the Intelligence Leak in the USA?

The Russians took an immediate interest in the intelligence leak scandal in the USA because so many of the documents deal with the readiness of their own and Ukrainian military forces for the long awaited “counterattack” by Kiev which may be decisive in the outcome of the war. They were instantly asking whether there was not some intrigue here, an attempt to loll them into overconfidence given that the situation of the Ukrainian side was portrayed in these documents as unpromising to dire, especially as regards air defense and supply of munitions. However, on close examination, the intelligence experts who have appeared on Russian state television now are saying they have no doubt the documents are genuine and there was no reason to believe they were issued as disinformation for Moscow. Now they have redirected their attention to other aspects of the leak.

The first among these questions being asked in Moscow is: what was the intent of the leakers who are assumed by consensus to be Americans from within the 1,000 or so persons who had access to these top secret documents online, on specially programmed computers. In this matter, I was particularly impressed by one explanation that was set out at length by a panelist on yesterday’s Evening with Vladimir Solovyov show. The leak is viewed as an attempt to discredit Joe Biden. To discredit the biological Joe Biden and also what the Russians are calling the “collective Joe Biden,” meaning the team of assistants who do the thinking for Joe and feed him his lines to read.

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