We’re Not Wrong, We’re Israel!

Typical Israeli tactics:
Hizbullah scores direct hit on Israeli bulldozer (poetic justice?) near Lebanese border.

Next day, Israel admits the soldier was INSIDE Lebanon.

Then today, Israeli fighter jets strike south Lebanon in retaliation.

"We deviated [from standard procedure] by going into Lebanon," Reuters reported Brigadier General Yair Golan as saying.

"From their [Hizbullah’s] standpoint [the attack] is legitimate, although not from ours," Brig Gen Golan said. "It is very serious and an escalation … it is a provocation by Hizbullah."

In other words, according to the Brig Gen, it doesn’t matter what us Jews do to wrong you, just don’t defend yourself or you’re evil and a provocateur, you genocidal ANTI-SEMITE!!!*spittle flecks*

Yes, I’m aware the US did this on a larger and slower scale with Iraq. And every other country and war in history. But Israel does this every second of every day, resulting in daily mini-wars like this one.

It’s just another demonstration of the mindboggling audacity with which Israel operates.

Yet another recent case is the trashing of an art exhibit in Sweden by the Israeli ambassador to that country. It was a pool of red water symbolizing blood, and floating on the water was a small boat with a picture of the female bomber who killed 19 at a restaurant in Haifa. The ambassador walked in, unplugged the lights, and hurled one of them into the water, and walked away. Sharon, of course, praises him, for his unilateral imposition of his personal morality on this Swedish museum.

Nevermind that the exhibit is by an Israeli artist. Nevermind that it was not
glorifying the bomber
(the good ambassador refused to read the accompanying text).You’re ruining the spectacle!

The exhibit was set up again and is still available to view. The Israeli ambassador is absolutely dumbfounded that the Swedish government has not taken down the work. If he, a Jew, thinks it’s evil, then it simply must be! But Sweden has this slight problem, you see, they rarely censor their media. Israel simply can’t understand why the Swedish government doesn’t just smash it up. After all, "it is impossible to justify … this exhibit in the name of freedom of expression." Smash it up and bulldoze the artist’s home! It’s what Israel would do!

But hey, it’s all good. At least the landlord is evicting Stockholm’s Israeli Embassy.

Peas in a Pod: Antiwar Saboteurs and Striking Grocery Clerks

As I rode my bike past Vons today, I saw the picketing workers — all six of them — standing in front of a delivery truck trying to enter the loading bay. Now, I have no problem with people unionizing or striking — if you have a raw deal at work, I think it takes balls to risk your job to make more money. What I have a problem with is how strikes are handled (and how unions are run). If they just marched and voiced their woes to the public, there would be no problems, but when they use violence against non-striking workers (who knows, single mothers and poor people who can’t afford to strike — especially after union dues are jacked from their checks?), I have a problem. They have the right to choose to not work, but not the right to stop others from working, in a situation the “scabs” obviously find beneficial.

So when I saw the strikers basically sabotaging Vons’ business (and the driver’s day), and the confontational jeers they pointed at customers who shopped there despite the strike, I was reminded of this past winter’s antiwar protests. These are the same kind people who protested the war by bringing urban traffic to a halt. Those who ironically, in their outpouring of concern over the lives about to be destoyed in the coming war, have little concern left for the person making their way from their second job to their third job, or the parent trying to get to their child’s school to pick them up, or anyone else trying (in vain) to go about their lives. Yes, wars are terrible — even those that aren’t Bush’s — but there are ways of protesting them peacefully.

Making people’s lives harder than they already are in order to make them pay attention to your cause, just though that cause may be, does not serve the cause. The antiwar movement is hurt by these hoodlum-like actions because instead of embracing our message, those inconvenienced by protests become hostile to it.

And that’s what I was reminded of today. Aren’t you glad I shared? Besides, being a “wage slave” is for losers — it’s about being your own man.

Golda Meir’s Nuclear Restraint? Or Uncle Sam’s Loose Zillion$?

In, The Last Nuclear Moment, after telling of Moshe Dayan’s suggestion that Israel use nukes to prevail in the 1973 Yom Kippur War, Avner Cohen says:

“Mrs. Meir’s decision not to accept Mr. Dayan’s pessimism not only avoided a nuclear catastrophe, it demonstrated to the world that Israel was a responsible and trusted nuclear custodian.”

No, it shows that without the US to literally keep Israel’s Army from being utterly destroyed, the Middle East would be a big chunk of green glass right about now. The Israeli Army CAN NOT defend itself against the forces of its neighbors. Only the US’s can. Golda Meir was a monster who would have killed every Arab in existence if she could — and not have nuclear fallout rain down on Israel in the aftermath. THAT is why she chose to beg Nixon for help (also because, I mean, why NOT get free stuff from Americans?), not because she was a “great stateswoman” or any such crap like that.

“There was no such thing as Palestinians, they never existed.” (Golda Meir, June 15, 1969)

Looting Iraq! Iraq on the Auction Block!

I usually like Chris Floyd, but this ignorant crap pissed me off.

“In other words, the looters won’t have to plow so much as a dime of their swag back into the local economy; every last cent wrung from the bludgeoned Iraqi people will flow into corporate coffers and private pockets in London, Paris, Tokyo, Riyadh, New York, Moscow, Kennebunkport and Crawford. Taxes will be minimal, tariffs almost nonexistent, and there will be none of the pesky rules and regulations that occasionally hamper unfettered corporate gobbling in more unenlightened states — like, say, the United States and Britain.”

No, in other words, you communist scumbag — it’s a free market! The reason you even have a computer to bitch about the Bushies on and the reason you wear clothes you don’t sew yourself and eat food you don’t grow yourself and live in a house you didn’t build yourself. The corporate thieves in the West (hell, everywhere) are in power because of the state, not despite it — they couldn’t exist without its sanction and protection against competition.

Microsoft and Halliburton aside, are you telling me that if I have five grand in my pocket and I want to open a kabob stand in central Tikrit that is a sole proprietorship and send all the profits back home to momma, that that is evil — that it’s LOOTING!? My partner recently came back from a business trip in Dubai, and he said that in UAE, to open a business it has to be owned 49% by a UAE citizen. So you have to pay some sick amount of money to get a signature, and THEN the work begins to make your business profitable. All the raghead had to do was be born in UAE to citizens and BLING — he gets a chunk of your ass. THAT is looting. All they’re talking about in Iraq is NOT requiring this. Sounds like a little patch of semi-freedom in a land ruled by “ex-“Trots. And the fact that it applies to everything BUT oil should make the “no blood for oil!” hippies happy — right? RIGHT? Nooooo, because they don’t hate war, they hate PROFIT. They hate the market, especially when it’s FREE.



And you know what, it’s not just the outright commies. The whiny greenteeth bleated their share of hidden protests. That is, the body of the article simply recorded the facts and some half-truths (“The initiative bore all the hallmarks of Washington’s ascendant neoconservative lobby, complete with tax cuts and trade tariff rollbacks.” — sorry, Andy, but that’s a hallmark of anyone who doesn’t advocate socialism. The difference between me and the neocons, however, is that they advocate these things so that there will be an economy for them to tax and thereby get funding to remake the world in Israel’s image, where I merely hate all States and wish they and everyone who runs them would die. Oh, and trade is good.), while the headline exposed their filthy bias toward state control of the economy. “America puts Iraq up for sale” and the Telegraph had in the link before you see the article “Iraq for Sale.” Inside the article the first line is “Iraq was put up for auction…” Which just goes to show, Tories are really somewhat to the left of American Democrats…

War is Communism

More from the “New Baghdad Blogger” (an article on him is linked from our page today):

“the military in itself is altruistic…communism…but how else could it possibly operate…selfless service…the good of the whole over the good of the one…the pay…the living conditions…think about it…soldiers are not free to make their own decisions…if they were how could anything difficult be completed…how could a platoon take a machine gun nest…or a war be won…”

Admitted by a man in uniform: Only communism wins wars. Continue reading “War is Communism”