The Baroness of the Balkans

Who the hell is Baroness Emma Nicholson, and who made her queen of Romania? This bullying busybody is the archetypal progressive imperialist, a preview of President Hillary (minus the nuclear weapons). After throttling the Romanians into Roma marriage counseling this summer, she’s now on a crusade to stop the adoption of Romania’s plentiful orphans by foreigners. Yeah, God forbid any abandoned babies be taken by loving parents to that hellhole Italy. Don’t you know all the kids smoke there? If it weren’t for Adrian Nastase’s and Silvio Berlusconi’s tireless pimping of Bush foreign policy, their countries would be strong candidates for the Axis of Evil.

Background Checks, Homeland Security-Style

The Senate Governmental Affairs Committee has asked the General Accounting Office to expand its probe of falsified credentials to include Pentagon employees after a surprising find at Homeland Security:

The probe began after Linda Callahan, a senior director in the Homeland Security Department’s chief information officer’s office, was put on paid leave over allegations that she had received her degrees from an organization in Wyoming that essentially sold diplomas and required little or no work. Homeland Security Department officials did not respond to inquiries on Thursday.

How about extending the probe to the White House? I hear there’s some subliterate over there who claims to have graduated Yale and Harvard. How could that be?

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One might think that Louisianans would be less inclined than other Americans to indulge in the France-bashing that so amuses hooligans like Emmett Tyrrell. Sadly, though, that’s not the case, as shown by the statements of elected boors and an op-ed in Wednesday’s Baton Rouge Advocate, titled “No Heavy Lifting for the French,” which ends as follows:

All terrorists are allies. But not all governments, even democracies, are allies in the fight against terrorism.

I take issue not so much with the rote Francophobia that precedes this bit, but with the stupidity of “All terrorists are allies.” Congratulations to the Bush administration for selling this concept so well, but it makes no sense. For the umpteenth time, terrorism is a tactic, one used by all parties who refuse to distinguish civilians from combatants. Palestinian terrorists practice it, and so does the Israeli government; I suppose the genius quoted above would solve the whole Palestine/Israel conflict by informing Al Aqsa and the IDF of their manifest alliance?