Feds Fed Up with Being Shown Up

So they’re taking it out on ABC:

In a clash between security and the First Amendment, federal authorities are threatening criminal charges against ABC News reporters who smuggled harmless depleted uranium into the country for a second time during an investigation of border inspections.

Of course, there’s no security issue at stake here, except for the total absence of security. But doesn’t ABC know that embarrassing the Bush administration gives comfort to our enemies?

Only the Smokers Shall Survive

If Al Qaeda executes this nefarious plot (according to D.C., anyway):

“References to nicotine and solanine [found in potatoes] appear in numerous terrorist training manuals and documents seized in Afghanistan,” the FBI said in its weekly bulletin to law enforcement agencies, which was sent out late Wednesday. “The most likely technique for nicotine or solanine poisoning would be food, beverage or water contamination; however, nicotine can also be absorbed through the skin and mouth and the digestive and respiratory tracts.”

Is Michael Bloomberg trying to weaken New Yorkers’ resistance to terror?

Iraq – or Kosovo?

Chris Floyd of the Moscow Times had a column last week about the occupation forces’ use of Saddam’s secret police to govern the “new” Iraq.
Floyd’s style is so cutting edge, I would hardly be surprised if Imperial officials actually bled after reading this stuff.
Consider this phrase, used to describe the US alliance with the Iraqi secret police:
“monstrous copulation of rapacious conquerors with bloodthirsty scum.”
Conjures images of NATO’s alliance with the KLA, doesn’t it? Continue reading “Iraq – or Kosovo?”

This Week’s Hellraiser Award Goes to. . .

This fellow from North Carolina:

Donald Sullivan of Hampstead, a 23-year-veteran of the Army and Air Force, sued the U.S. government, President Bush and several members of Congress to stop what he termed an “illegal war.” The civil lawsuit, filed in March in U.S. District Court in Wilmington, sought a temporary restraining order.

Judge James C. Fox quickly dismissed the lawsuit, and Sullivan has appealed. Sullivan, who represents himself, said he would pursue the matter to the U.S. Supreme Court if necessary.

Finally, a lawsuit I can support.

Money isn’t everything

From “turning-tables” — a blog written by a US soldier in Baghdad:

    at the doors of the palace there are filipino guards in tan uniforms…i think they are part of a civilian security company…brought in by the u.s….i recognize the uniforms…they had them in doha…but in kuwait they were americans…guarding all the gates to doha and arifjan…I read yesterday that close to a third of the billion dollars a week that we are spending out here goes straight into contractors pockets…I can believe it…we’ve got some civilian dudes out here who are doing my exact job as contractors…they are each getting paid $120,000 a year…they’re both 26 years old…the money is out there…but money isn’t everything…