Ethnic and Ethic Cleansing: A Few Thoughts and Questions on Israel and Gaza

  • As Israel is ethnically cleansing Gaza, the United States is ethically cleansing Israel. It doesn’t matter what Israel does to the Palestinians in Gaza. War crimes or genocide, it’s all ethically justifiable, according to U.S. government officials.
  • Never conflate the Jewish people with the deeds of the Israeli government. Many Jewish people have bravely spoken out against the ongoing Israeli genocide in Gaza. Holocaust survivors have powerfully said that “Never again!” applies just as much to Palestinians in Gaza (or anyone else for that matter) as it does to Jews.

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‘Manufacturing Obituaries’: Media Falsely Reports Noam Chomsky’s Death

Some popular media outlets and international political figures came under fire Tuesday for falsely reporting the death of U.S. academic and social critic Noam Chomsky, who is fighting to recover in Brazil after suffering a massive stroke last year.

“Chomsky did not die. I just spoke to Valéria, his wife,” said Brazilian journalist Cauê Seigner Ameni.

“He is well,” Valéria Chomsky confirmed to ABC‘s Chris Looft.

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We Were Called ‘Terrorists’ and Forcibly Ejected by Police From Congressional Baseball Game

During last week’s Congressional Baseball Game, dozens of us in the crowd conveyed urgent messages to stop funding Israel’s genocide of Palestinians and to address the escalating climate crisis. We were met by hundreds of police from different jurisdictions who encircled us during the game, and at times followed us around. Activists with Climate Defiance announced their intention to disrupt the event in advance, and, once they stormed the field, they were plowed down by police officers and arrested.

In our seats, we stood with signs, flags, some just wearing kuffiyehs, chanting “Free Palestine” and “Genocide is not a game.” Despite the legality and common practice of cheering and displaying signs at baseball games, we were swiftly ejected by swarms of police officers.

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Kevin Gosztola Interviews Dave DeCamp: War Drags On In Ukraine As State Department-Linked Group Blacklists Antiwar Opponents

Please enjoy this free version of the weekly “Unauthorized Disclosure” podcast.

This week, Dave DeCamp, the news editor for and host of the daily podcast “Antiwar News”, appears on “Unauthorized Disclosure” to discuss the latest in the war in Ukraine and a list that a United States State Department-linked group put together, which smeared Antiwar News and hundreds of foreign policy experts, politicians, journalists, and media organizations.

David and Kevin describe the absurd nature of this list and particularly how it blames nearly 400 individuals and groups for stalling U.S. military aid to Ukraine. They additionally ask, why did this group put out a list now?

President Joe Biden’s administration has fueled escalations in the war by authorizing Ukraine to launch attacks against targets inside Russia with U.S. weapons. Given recent developments – and especially because groups like this State Department-linked NGO don’t want us to have this conversation, Dave and Kevin spend the rest of the episode discussing what is at stake as the war drags on.