The ACLU Asks, “Will You ‘Stand With Rand’ at Tuesday’s Killing Program Hearing?”

ACLU Senior Legislative Counsel Chris Anders writes, “When Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) courageously held the Senate floor for 13 hours in an historic filibuster to put a spotlight on a vast killing program run out of the White House – which has left 4,700 people dead, including four American citizens – there was a groundswell of Americans saying that they would ‘Stand With Rand.’ If Paul was committed enough to filibuster, they were committed enough to stand with him.”

“On Tuesday, there will be another history-making moment. Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.), who is a longtime champion of the Constitution and human rights, will be chairing the first-ever hearing in the Senate focused on drones and the killing program. Reaching across the aisle, Durbin invited Paul to be the first witness to testify at the hearing, and Paul said yes. It will be a time for all of us to Stand With Rand (and Dick) for this key hearing.”

The hearing is Tuesday, April 23 at 10am ET. Read the rest at the ACLU’s Blog of Rights.

Action Item: Calling the Question on Iran

From the indispensable Just Foreign Policy:

Help Rand Paul Call the Question on War with Iran

Sen. Rand Paul introducing his amendment to S. 2101.

Before we have any military conflict with Iran, the Senate and the House should have at least one debate and vote on it. That’s what the Constitution and the law require; that’s what the public interest requires. And it would be better to start that debate now, when there is still a chance of rational discussion, than in the wake of some Gulf of Tonkin incident, when cable news and talk radio could steamroll Congress.

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul has called the question, blocking unanimous approval of a new Iran sanctions bill to force consideration of an amendment affirming that nothing in the bill would authorize the use of military force, and that military force would require explicit Congressional authorization.

Urge your Senators and Representative to support amending any pending Iran sanctions legislation to affirm that it does not authorize the use of military force and that any use of military force must be explicitly authorized by Congress.
[Please see the link at Just Foreign Policy to find your representative.]