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Updated April 21, 2017 - 11:13 PM EDT
US Prepares Charges to Arrest Julian Assange
  Attorney General Sessions Seeks to Jail Publishers of Leaks
Trump: Iran Violating 'Spirit' of Nuclear Deal
  Iran Approves Six Presidential Candidates, Blocks Ahmadinejad
Russia Denies It's Sending Troops to Korea Border
  North Korea Warns of Preemptive Strike Amid Continued US Threats
Watchdog Spurns Russian Call for Syria Probe
  MIT Professor: The Nerve Agent Attack That Did Not Occur
ISIS Claims Credit for Policeman Killed in Paris
Egypt: Airstrikes Kill ISIS Leaders in Sinai
Mattis: US Won't Dig Into MOAB Damage in Afghanistan
US Seeks Saudi Assurances on Limiting Yemen Casualties
Trump vs. Trump on Undeclared Mideast Wars  by Bill Walker
Wrecking and Starving Yemen With Washington's Blessing  by Daniel Larison
Time for a Better US-China Grand Bargain on North Korea  by Doug Bandow
The Spy State Unleashed  by Justin Raimondo
Why Trump Succumbed to the Hawks  by Damon Linker
DHS Head to America: Shut Up, Be Terrified, and Do What You're Told  by Scott Shackford

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Exxon Seeks US Waiver to Resume Russia Oil Venture
General Motors Halts Venezuela Operations After Factory Seized
White House Sidewalk to Be Closed to Public Permanently
Russia Bans Jehovah's Witnesses, Calling It an Extremist Group
Bodies Floating in Tigris River; 17 Killed in Iraq
Unrelenting ISIS Fighters Make Endgame in Mosul Frustratingly Tough and Bloody
Iraq's Shi'ite Ruling Coalition Opposes Kurds' Independence Referendum
Syrian Army Advances Along Vital Highway in Rebel-Held Hama Province
Russian Marine Major Killed in Combat in Syria: Agencies
Who Makes Millions Off Israel's Top Cyber Spy Agency?
Israel Lobbying FIFA to Prevent Settlement Teams' Ban
Israel Ambassador to the UN Slams PA Representative Over Barghouti
Middle East
Russia in Talks to Supply UAE With Dozens of SU-35 Jet Fighters: Tass
Iranian, Chinese Firms to Sign First Nuclear Plant Redesign Contracts
UN Condemns North Korea Missile Launch After Russia, US Spar Over Words
As Tensions Rise Between the Koreas, Farming in the Demilitarized Zone Goes On
Russian Navy Visits Philippines as Duterte Tightens Ties With US Foes
Philippines Checks Report of 'Harassment' Near China-Controlled Reef
Philippine Minister Wants to Work With Maoist Rebels in Mine Rehab
Philippine Abu Sayyaf Leader With US Bounty Wants to Surrender: Army
Duterte's Office Rejects Drug-War Allegations as 'Movie Scenes'
US Troubled by Increasing Extrajudicial Killings in Philippines
Pakistan's Top Court Rejects Call to Disqualify Prime Minister
Pakistani Women Kill Man Accused of Blasphemy a Decade Ago
US Sees Increased Activity by Chinese Bomber Aircraft: Officials
Hanoi Mayor Urges Villagers to Free Police Officers and Officials
Indonesian Prosecutors Seek Suspended Jail Term for Jakarta Governor
The War at Home
More Than 400 People Convicted of Terrorism in the US Have Been Released Since 9/11
Terrorism Defendants With Concrete Ties to Violent Extremists Leverage Their Connections to Avoid Prison
The New Targets: FBI Stings Zero in on ISIS Sympathizers. Few Have Terrorist Links.
The Government's Own Data Shows Country of Origin Is a Poor Predictor of Terrorist Threat
Police Issue Arrest Warrant for Second Suspect in Paris Shooting
France's Fillon Calls for Election Campaign to Be Suspended After Paris Shooting
Russia Says Metro Bomber Funded by 'International Terrorists' in Turkey
Britain Says Trump's Position Shifting on Russia
Election Could Boost Scotland Independence Calls
UK Government to Extend Northern Ireland Talks Deadline Until End of June: Sources
German Chancellery Investigated in Probe Into WikiLeaks Sources
Romania Intends to Buy Patriot Missiles From US to Boost Defenses
Bulgaria Stops Five Germans on Way to Syria to Join Militant Groups
Kosovo Citizen Indicted for Alleged War Crimes in 1999
Boko Haram Raid Killed Nine Nigerian Soldiers
US Says to Continue Training Regional Troops Against Lord's Resistance Army
Mali Returns Interim Authorities to Last Northern Cities
Cameroon Orders Internet Restored to Restive Anglophone Region
Rwandan Man Jailed for Life for Genocide Crimes
Kenya's President Warns Against Violence During Party Nominations
Algerian Army Foils Suicide Attack in Northeastern City: Source
As Venezuela's Unrest Grows, Security Forces Struggle to Boost Ranks
Venezuelan Opposition Protests Again Against Maduro
Leftist Party Activist Killed in Southern Mexico
Argentina Eyes Brexit Advantage in Falklands Dispute
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