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Updated April 26, 2017 - 10:55 PM EDT
Turkey Kills Dozens of US Allies in Iraq, Syria
  US 'Deeply Concerned' After Turkey Bombs American Allies
  Congressmembers Demand Trump Show Justification for Syria Attack
Israel Ex-DM: ISIS 'Apologized' to Israel for Clash
  Israeli Attack on Syria in March Targeted Missiles for Hezbollah
Trump Document Outlines Big Foreign Aid Cuts
  Poll: Americans Support Immigration, Free Trade at Record Levels
Russia to Supply Electricity to E. Ukraine as Kiev Cuts Power
North Korea Conducts Artillery Drills as US Sub Arrives
No Exit? The NY Times and North Korea  by Mel Gurtov
Trump's Empty Bluster and Bombing  by Steve Chapman
Trump's Aggressions in Syria Will Have Long-Term Consequences  by Scott Lazarowitz
Will the Next War Erupt in the Balkans?  by Justin Raimondo
Shambolic Doings in Washington  by Philip Giraldi
Straining to Be Anti-Iran  by Paul R. Pillar

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2018 Foreign Aid Cuts and Increases
Fury at Saudi Election to UN Women's Rights Group
April Death Toll in Venezuela Unrest Rises to 26
Air Strike Kills Five in Southern Libya's Sabha: Medical Source
Why Paul Wolfowitz Is Optimistic About Trump
Turkish Friendly Fire Kills Kurdish Troops; 86 Killed in Iraq
Turkey's Erdogan Says Will Not Allow Iraq's Sinjar to Become PKK Base
ISIS Terrorizes Mosul Civilians as Iraq Forces Advance
Air Strikes Kill at Least 12, Damage Hospital in Syria's Idlib: Medics, Monitor
Iraq Holding Qatar Hunting Party's Ransom Money: PM
A Walk Through Western Mosul
A Child in Yemen Dies Every 10 Minutes as Humanitarian Aid Falls Short by 85 Percent, UN Says
'War the World Forgot' Tearing Apart Yemen's Social Fabric
Iran's Khamenei Says Next President Should Be Less Engaged With West
Iran Urges Pakistan to Complete Gas Pipeline
Netanyahu Sets Policy: We Won't Meet Diplomats Who Meet With Breaking the Silence
Netanyahu Cancels Meeting After German FM Refuses to Snub Israeli Leftist NGOs
Freed to Travel to US, BDS Founder Says Israel 'Drunk With Power Since Trump's Election'
Palestinians Say Britain Refuses Request for Apology Over 1917 Balfour Promise
Erdogan Says Turkey Won't Wait at Europe's Door Forever
Greek Court Rules Against Extradition of Three Turkish Soldiers
Middle East
Lebanon on Mission to Curb Further Sanctions
Bahrain Jails 36 Shiites, Strips Them of Citizenship
Freed Kuwaiti Opposition Politician Calls for Reforms
Top Mexican Official Calls US Border Wall a 'Hostile' Act
The War at Home
US Judge Blocks Trump Order to Restrict Funding for 'Sanctuary Cities'
Trump's Concession on Wall Funding Removes Obstacle From Spending Talks
Trump Considers Banning Laptops on Planes From UK Airports
Pakistan Taliban Target Shi'ite Minority With Roadside Blast, Kill 10
China Warns North Korea Not to Pass 'Point of No Return'
China Court Hands US Citizen Jail, Then Orders Deportation for Espionage
China Ready to Mediate Between Myanmar, Bangladesh Over Rohingya Row
Base Attack Another Blow to Struggling Afghan Military
Thai Govt Approves Purchase of $393 Million Sub From China
Group Claims Russia Metro Bombing, Says Bomber Acted on al-Qaeda Orders: Monitor
Thousands Protest Against Serb Government and Flagship Project
US F35s Fly Into Estonia in Show of NATO Solidarity
Spanish Court Jails Son of Former Catalonia Leader
South Sudan
US Slams South Sudan's Kiir Over 'Man-Made' Famine, Urges Truce
US Pushes UN to Again Consider Arms Embargo on South Sudan
ISIS Car Bomb Kills Four Tribesmen in Egypt's Sinai
Somalia Executes Four It Says Were Al Shabaab Fighters Behind 2016 Attack
Kenyan Police Disperse Protesters Over Party Primaries Results
Venezuela Opposition Defiant as Protesters Shot Dead
Venezuela's Chief Prosecutor Decries Violence as Deaths Rise
Some Oil Companies in Venezuela Pull Expats as Unrest Escalates: Sources
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