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Updated May 4, 2017 - 11:07 PM EDT
US Referees Fighting Between Allies in Syria
  Putin Seeks Syria 'Safe Zones' After Talks With Turkey, US
  Syrian Rebels Withdraw From Astana Peace Talks
  Drone Maker Seeks to Prevent Drones Flying in ISIS Territory
US Firm in Iraq Ignores Security Risks for F-16s
  Mosul Reconstruction Will Take Five Years, Billions of Dollars
  Moqtada Al-Sadr: Fiery Cleric Redefines Himself as Nationalist Patriot
Abbas-Meet: Hope Springs as Peace Prospects Run Dry
  CIA in '85: Jewish Extremists May Attack Israel Leaders to Thwart Peace
Suicide Attack on NATO Convoy in Kabul Kills 8 Civilians
US Commander Asks More Troops to 'Counter Russia'
Code Pink Activist Convicted for 'Laughing' at Sessions
Fall of Raqqa and Mosul Will Not Spell the End for ISIS  by Patrick Cockburn
Worried About War With North Korea? Withdraw From South Korea  by Doug Bandow
A Splendid Little War Could End Trump's Presidency  by Jim Jatras
America's Endless Afghan War  by William J. Astore
NYT Cheers the Rise of Censorship Algorithms  by Robert Parry
Greater Israel and the Prospects for Peace in the Middle East  by Chas W. Freeman, Jr.

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Story Withdrawn: London Terrorism Suspect Was on Gaza Flotilla Ship in 2010
Assange Lawyer Asks Swedish Court to Tear Up Detention Order
Meshaal: 'We Want to Restore Our National Rights'
Libya Rivals Say Will Calm Tensions After UAE Talks
North Korea
US Readying New North Korea Sanctions if Needed: Tillerson
North Korea Confirms Latest Detention of American Citizen
Japan's Abe Hopes for Reform of Pacifist Charter by 2020
India Summons Pakistan Envoy Over 'Killing of Soldiers'
Thai News Organizations Urge Govt to Scrap Media Control Bill
US Army Photographer Captured Moment of Her Death in Afghanistan
Somali Minister Shot Dead in Car After Being Mistaken for Militant
Rocket Kills Three in Eastern Libyan City, Causes Panic
Crisis-Hit South Sudan Hikes Fees to Register Aid Agencies
Rocket Attack on UN Camp in Mali Kills One, Wounds Nine
Millions of Nigerians Face Hunger in Wasteland Recaptured From Fighters
Conviction of Russian Opposition Activist Navalny Upheld
UK Will Not Pay 100 Billion Euro EU Exit Bill, Says Brexit Minister
After Report of 'Medical Emergency,' Wife of Jailed Venezuela Opposition Leader Seeks Info on Him
Venezuela Death Toll Rises as Foes Protest Maduro's Power Shakeup
Venezuela to Hold Constituent Assembly Vote in Coming Weeks: Maduro
US Senators Seek Sanctions, Other Ways to Address Venezuela Crisis
Turkish Airstrikes Leave Civilian Casualties; 41 Killed in Iraq
Factbox: Mosul's Leaning Minaret at Risk as Battle Rages
Syrian Government Supports De-Escalation Zones: Foreign Ministry
Bomb in Northern Syria Kills Five Outside Opposition Headquarters: Spokesman, Monitor
Russian, Turkish Leaders Re-Affirm Their Pact on Syria
Explosion Near Turkish Border Kills Five
Greek Court Blocks New Extradition Request for Turkish Soldiers
Putin Says Russia's Relations With Turkey Have Fully Recovered
Turkey's Erdogan Says to Continue Measures Against Border Threats
Trump Vows to Broker Israeli-Palestinian Peace, Offers No New Policies
Abbas Unleashes Adulation and Flattery to Win Trump Over
Thousands Rally to Back Palestinian Prisoners' Hunger Strike
Middle East
Iran Says Saudis Seeking Tension, Calls Riyadh Comments 'Destructive'
UAE Builds Up Yemen Regional Army but Country Fragments
UN Security Council Heads to Colombia to Back Peace Accord
Killing Journalists in Mexico Often Leads to No Punishment
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