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Updated May 5, 2017 - 11:14 PM EDT
Iraq Kills 68 Civilians in Attack on Mosul School
  Iraq, US Talk American Troop Presence Post-ISIS
  Syrian Rebels Reject Safe Zone Proposal
South Koreans Angry at US Missile Deployment
  US House Approves Tighter North Korea Sanctions
  North Korean State Media Criticizes China Over Nuclear Program
  Pentagon Seeks to Link Iran, NK Citing 'Similar Looking' Missiles
Post-Snowden, US's Global Surveillance Surges
  'Transparency Report' Reveals Breadth of Surveillance by NSA, Others
US Navy SEAL Killed, 2 Injured in Somalia Attack
Pentagon to Pitch Afghan War Plan to Trump Next Week
US Boosts Libya Presences With Base in Country's South
Trump Has Become Another Interventionist Neocon  by James Carden
An Answer to Trump: Could the Civil War Have Been Avoided?  by Ivan Eland
Government Smearing of Israel's Critics  by Lawrence Davidson
The Triumph of James Comey  by Justin Raimondo
Terror Is in the Eye of the Beholder  by John Dower & Tom Engelhardt
Trump's Incoherence on Iran Doesn't Serve US Interests  Los Angeles Times

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Navy Pilot's Gutsy Last-Second Call Saves Civilian Lives Near Mosul
Venezuelans Return to Streets: Death Toll to 37
US Sale of Missiles to Saudi Arabia Advancing: Foreign Minister
UN Chief: Parties to Conflict Suspected of Sexual Violence
Trump Deletes Tweet Saying It Was 'An Honor' to Meet With Abbas
Civilian Casualties Reported in Airstrike; 62 Killed in Iraq
Iraqi Forces Open a Front in West Mosul, Trying to Squeeze ISIS
Vodka-Soaked Gummy Bears and Militias: Report Details How a US Contractor Might Have Broken the Law in Iraq
US Expresses Wary Support for Russia-Led Ceasefire Push in Syria
Jordan Army News Site: Blast in Syria Border Camp Kills Four
Saudi Arabia's Expected Military Assault on Major Yemen Port Will Cause Mass Starvation
Thousands Protest at Yemen President's Sacking of Southern Leaders
Saudi Arabia
Saudi King's New Order Loosens Guardianship Rules on Women
UN Expert in Saudi Denied Access to Imprisoned Activists
Iran Reformists to Back Rouhani Re-Election, Though Some Voters Grow Cool
Iran Says Ready for Saudi Talks Despite 'Unlawful, Inflammatory' Remarks
Abbas Says Talks With Trump Positive, if Short on Specifics
Israel's Army Radio Head Orders Staff to Stop Using 'West Bank,' Calling It a Palestinian Expression
Mexico Oil Theft Clash Leaves at Least 10 Dead, Including Four Soldiers
US Coaxes Mexico Into Trump Plan to Overhaul Central America
Deadly Unrest Grips Venezuela as Students Rally
Colombian FARC Dissidents Take UN Official Hostage
Amnesty International Warns of Rising Violence in Rio De Janeiro
The War at Home
Kauai's Quietly Expanding Military Role
John Kiriakou: The Ex-CIA Officer Turned Whistle-Blower
Ex-Nuke Commanders Launch 'Crisis' Group to Educate Trump
Trump Plans First Presidential Overseas Trip, to Israel, Vatican, and Saudi Arabia
TSA Warns Truck Owners, Rental Firms to Be 'Vigilant' About Ramming Attacks
North Korea
Tillerson Urges ASEAN to Cut North Korea Funding, Minimize Ties
After North Korea Criticism, China Says Wants to Be Good Neighbor
Former Warlord Hekmatyar Calls for Peace With Afghan Taliban
Afghan President Turns Down Invitation to Visit Pakistan
India Troops Block Kashmir Villages Amid Massive Rebel Hunt
Lynch Mob Storms Police Station in Pakistan, Child Killed
Philippines' Duterte Says Chat With Xi Was at Trump's Request
Nigerian Officials Jailed for Selling Food Aid in Famine-Hit District
Boko Haram's Shekau Rejects Air Strike Injury Claims
Two Somali Soldiers Arrested After Minister Shot Dead: Officials
UN Condemns 'Callous' Attack on Base in South Sudan
Mozambique Rebel Movement Renamo Extends Truce Indefinitely
Migrants Who Survive Sahara Face New Torture in Libyan Oasis Town
UN Human Rights Chief Pushes for Inquiry Into Ethiopia Unrest
US Moves 100 Troops From Germany to Poland
Swiss Bank Account 'Spy Thriller' Case Raises German Ire
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Justin Raimondo
The Triumph of James Comey

Ivan Eland
An Answer to Trump: Could the Civil War Have Been Avoided?

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Trump Surrenders to the Iron Law of Oligarchy

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Talk to, Don't Provoke, North Korea

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Yemen, Syria, the Press, and Trump the War President

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Israel: Neither Democratic or Jewish

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Robert Gates, Pro and Con

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Biden in Belgrade: A Trip Down NATO-Invasion Memory Lane

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