The idea that the "mainstream" media is any kind of check on our rulers is a concept that just doesn't apply in the year 2017. They are a branch of government, not a check on it. And nothing shows this more than how they function in wartime – i.e. the last 16 years.

In the run up to the Iraq war, they reported lies as if they were facts. And the same goes for all the post-9/11 conflicts they've covered: totally uncritical, they're nothing but lapdogs of the Pentagon.

This presents a major problem: where can the American people find out what's really going on? That's why we founded – to let the people know how they're being lied to, and by whom.

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Updated May 10, 2017 - 11:19 PM EDT
South Korea Elects Pro-Peace President
  Report: Trump Screamed at McMaster Over South Korea Assurances
Trump Approves Direct Arming of Syrian Kurds
  Trump Extends Order Condemning 'Brutal' Assad Regime
  Syrian Warplanes Attack Rebel Outposts Near Jordan Border
US Troops in Afghanistan Closer to Front Lines
  Mattis: US Faces 'Determined Enemy' in ISIS in Afghanistan
Trump Fires FBI Director James Comey
  Grand Jury Subpoenas Issued in FBI Russia Probe: Report
Debate Over Pentagon's Secret Cyberwar Against ISIS
Kaspersky Lab's Russian Nature Fuels US Govt Distrust
Congress Should Just Say No to Trump's Afghanistan Surge  by Thomas Knapp
Palestine & the New Peacemakers  by Paul R. Pillar
Lockheed-Funded Experts Agree: South Korea Needs More Lockheed Missiles  by Adam Johnson
Farewell to Matt Drudge  by Justin Raimondo
Ignoring the Costs of War  by William Hartung & Tom Engelhardt
John McCain's Warped Morality and US Foreign Policy  by Daniel Larison

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Intelligence Leaker Chelsea Manning Speaks Out Ahead of Prison Release
Libya Minister Says Rival General Must Accept Civil Rule
Nigeria Chibok Girls: 'One of the 82 Freed Refused to Be Released'
ISIS Executes Prisoners; 117 Killed in Iraq
Qatar Says Syria 'De-Escalation' Plan Not an Alternative to Political Transition
Turkish Parliament Strips Membership of Pro-Kurdish Lawmaker
Wikipedia Appeals to Turkish Constitutional Court Over Website's Blocking
Palestinians Stay on Hunger Strike Despite Snacking Claims
Palestinians Seek Pizza Hut Boycott for 'Mocking Hunger Strike'
Young Palestinians Face a Bleak Future
After 49 Years, Israel News Show Scrapped Hour Before Airing
FIFA Council Removes Draft Resolution on Israeli Settlement Teams From Congress Agenda
Bahrain Sends First Civilian Case to Military Court
UK Aid Paid for Military Band to Play at Queen's Birthday Event in 'Toxic' Bahrain
Middle East
Yemen War Adds to Rising Fears for Ships in Horn of Africa
Iran's Rouhani Lashes Rivals With Rare Criticism of Security Forces, Ruling Clerics
Racist Soldier's Militant Double Life Shocks Germany
Germany Detains Second Soldier Suspected of Planning 'Extremist' Attack
Report: Top German Officials on Terror Suspects Hit List
Turks in Germany Not Allowed to Vote on Death Penalty: Merkel
Paris' Gare Du Nord Reopens After Fruitless Hunt for Militants
Some 300 Migrants Storm Border Fence in Spanish Enclave
Australia's Remote Darwin Courts China Even With US Marines
The War at Home
TSA Lays Out New Security Framework for 'Soft Targets'
More Than 20 US States Have Cracked Down on Protests Since Donald Trump's Election
CAIR: Dramatic Surge in Anti-Muslim Incidents in US During 2016
President Trump Deletes Every Old Press Release, but the Internet Never Forgets
Blast in Afghanistan Kills Nine
Afghan Forces Try to Push Back Taliban From Kunduz City
Car Bomb Wounds 60 at Supermarket in Southern Thailand
Christian Governor in Indonesia Found Guilty of Blasphemy Against Islam
Germany Eyes New North Korea Sanctions: Government Sources
South Sudan
Gunmen Attack South Sudan Vice President's Convoy, Injuring Bodyguards
South Sudan President Replaces Army Chief
Nigeria Chibok Girls: 'One Refused to Be Released'
Four UN Peacekeepers Killed in Central African Republic
Al Shabaab Militants Attack Somali Army Base, Killing Several Soldiers
Congo's Kabila Names Transitional Government, Defying Main Opposition
US Suspends Aid to Kenyan Health Ministry Over Corruption Concerns
Mexico's 2016 Murder Tally Exceeds Those of Many Countries at War
Five Killed, Including Officer, Bystander, in Northern Mexico
American Man Slain in Troubled Mexican State of Veracruz
US to Press Cuba on Human Rights
Argentina Court Defies Ruling Cutting Dictatorship-Era Sentences
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