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Updated June 17, 2017 - 9:33 PM EDT
General Urges 20K More US Troops in Afghanistan
  Afghan Soldier Attacks Foreign Troops, US Troops Wounded
Saudi FM: Drawing Up a List of 'Grievances' Against Qatar
  Djibouti, Eritrea Have New Territory Dispute After Qatar's Pullout
Air Force Creates Post to Oversee Space Wars
Trump Rolls Back 'One-Sided Deal With Cuba'
Germany Warns Retaliation if US Sanctions Harm Business
US Destroyer Collides With Philippines Merchant Vessel
Russian Military: Airstrike Might Have Killed ISIS Leader
The War on Yemen and the Senate Vote on the Saudi Arms Sale  by Daniel Larison
Murder of Mexican Journalists Points to US Role in Fueling Drug War Violence  by Jesse Franzblau
It Doesn't Matter Who Controls the Military  by Lucy Steigerwald
Clapper's Unhinged Russia-Bashing  by David Marks

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Thank You for Your Killing
by Jacob G. Hornberger
Kremlin Says Takes Negative View of Proposed New US Sanctions
Poland Plans Trump-Era Defense Spending Splurge, Critics Say 'Unrealistic'
How British Firm Sold Cyber-Surveillance Tools to Arab States
Trump Will Allow 'Dreamers' to Stay in US, Reversing Campaign Promise
Demonstrators Demand Arrest of Former PM Maliki; 46 Killed in Iraq
UN Believes Up to 150,000 Civilians Are Trapped in Mosul
Militant Saudi Cleric Survives Assassination Attempt in Syria
Iran Should Stop Interfering in Iraq, Iraqi VP Allawi Says
Turkish PM Urges Opposition Head to Call Off 20-Day Protest March
Where an Influx of Syrians Is Remaking Turkey
Five Palestinians Cities to Expand Into Area C
Three Palestinians Shot Dead After Killing Israeli Officer
IDF Seals Off West Bank Village Following Deadly Jerusalem Attack
When Israeli Doctors Allegedly Tested Yemenites for 'Negro Blood'
Armenian-Backed Separatists Say Three Soldiers Killed by Azeri Forces
Catalans Woo Immigrants in Quest to Split From Spain
Egyptian Police Deploy to Deter Red Sea Islands Protest
US Warns of New Reports Congo Troops Killing, Raping Women, Children
Bomb Planted on Road Kills Four in Northeast Kenya: Official
Lord's Resistance Army Steps Up Congo Attacks as US-Backed Force Pulls Out: UN
Libyan Coast Guard Intercepts More Than 900 Migrants
The War at Home
Advanced CIA Firmware Has Been Infecting Wi-Fi Routers for Years
Ex-Naval Attache Sentenced to 41 Months in Bribery Case
Americans Still Dying
Baltimore (MD) Soldier, Father of Two, Killed by Afghanistan soldier
Youngsville (NC) Soldier One of Three Killed by Afghan Soldier
US Military Has Made No Decision on New Afghanistan Troop Levels: Spokesman
US Announces Death of ISIS Media Leader in Afghanistan
Blown Up by ISIS While Feeding the Poor in Afghanistan
North Korea
Veteran Negotiator Offers to Go to North Korea to Free Americans, Canadian
Trump Ponders Travel Ban to North Korea After US Student Returns in a Coma
Rodman Gives North Korean Official Trump Book
US Accuses Chinese Company of Money Laundering for North Korea
Japan's New Conspiracy Law 'Puts Handcuffs on Democracy'
Six Police Killed in Rebel Ambush in Indian-Controlled Kashmir
Philippines Says Some Militants May Have Slipped Out of Embattled City
Pakistan PM's Phones Being Tapped in Corruption Investigation
Small Explosive Device Wounds One in Thai Capital: Police
Cuba Rejects Trump's Hostile Rhetoric,' Says Willing to Continue Respectful Dialogue' With US
In Cuba, Trump's Reversal Could Hurt Small Businesses
GOP Senator Says Cuba Policy Bad for Farmers
Trump's Cuba Decision Gives Pause to US Companies Doing Business There
Venezuela Government Seeks Dissident Prosecutor's Exit
Venezuela Court Resists Case Against Pro-Govt Judges
Brazilian Sale of Tear Gas Angers Venezuela Opposition
Dismembered Bodies, Shootout Rock Mexican Resort Cancun
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It Doesn't Matter Who Controls the Military

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Is Wonder Woman War Propaganda?

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An Answer to Trump: Could the Civil War Have Been Avoided?

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Robert Gates, Pro and Con

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Biden in Belgrade: A Trip Down NATO-Invasion Memory Lane

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