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Updated March 26, 2018 - 10:56 PM EDT
Trump, 14 EU Nations Expel Russian Diplomats
IG: Billions Disappeared in Afghanistan to Fraud
  German DM Tells Troops in Afghanistan to Prepare for Long Stay
  Did the US Kill a Negotiating Partner or a Fervent Foe?
Erdogan: Military Ops Expanded in Syria and Iraq
  Turkey Seizes Full Control Over Syria's Afrin District
John Bolton: The Essential Profile
  John Bolton Promised Regime Change in Iran by the End of 2018
Koreas to Hold Thursday Talks on April Summit
US, UAE Conduct Growing Joint Ops Inside Yemen
South Libya Strike Points to Growing US Action in Sahel
item Trump's Meeting With Saudi Arabia and Israel Portends a Collision Course With Iran  by Phyllis Bennis
item Welcome to the Dick Cheney Administration  by Stephen M. Walt
item Liberals, Conservatives Worry About Korean Peace Threat  by Gregory Shupak
item Singing the Bolton Blues  by Justin Raimondo
item On Military Spending and Trade, Trump Puts Americans Last  by Thomas Knapp
item No, Putin Isn't Bluffing on Nukes  by Scott Ritter

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Catalan Ex-Leader's Capture in Germany Sparks Mass Protests
Ghana Votes to Host US Military; Opposition Boycotts Vote
Survivors of UN Sexual Abuse Say They Have Been Ignored for Far Too Long
Israeli Monitor: Settlements Grew Under Trump Presidency
At Least One Dead in Blast Near Mosque in Afghan City of Herat
14 Militants Blown Up by Own Explosives in Faryab Province
US Adds Seven More Pakistani Companies to Export Control List
Pakistani Court Frees 20 in Killing of Christian Couple Case
Malaysia Arrests Seven Men With ISIS Links Over Attacks Plot
Freed Filipino Priest Says Airstrikes Routed ISIS Extremists
China Air Force Drills Again in South Sea
Thai Protesters Demand Army Stop Supporting Ruling Junta
Police Arrest Second Person Linked to French Attack: Source
French 'Hero' Policeman Who Took Place of Hostage Dies
Moscow Says Europe 'Unpredictable and Aggressive' Over Skripal: RIA
More Than 10,000 People Rally to Unify Romania and Moldova
Scores Arrested in Belarus Opposition Protest in Minsk
In Egypt's Election, Turnout Provides the Only Suspense
Egypt Kills Six Militants From Group It Accuses Over Alexandria Bombing
Egypt Expels British Journalist: Times of London
DR Congo
Congo Military Kills 13 Rebels in Ituri Clashes: Army Spokesman
Congo Crisis Worsening, EU Says, as Government Shuns Aid Conference
Two Killed in US Airstrike in Libya's Southwest
Suicide Car Bomb Kills Three Near Somali Parliament
Nigeria Says Boko Haram Talks Aim at Permanent Cessation of Hostilities
Syrians in Kurd-Held City Fear Turkey, Bet on US
Tearful Syrians Leave Rebel Enclave in Largest Evacuation Yet

Russia Says Over 105,000 Civilians Have Left Syria's Eastern Ghouta

Turkish Forces Discover Underground Hospital in Afrin
Family Caught in ISIS Crossfire; 14 Killed in Iraq
What Are Canadian Special Forces Still Doing in Iraq?
First Iraqi-Made Film in 25 Years in Cinemas
Turkey Detains Antiwar Students After Erdogan's 'Terrorist' Rebuke
Turkey Still in Talks to Buy US Patriot Missiles
Clashes Kill 11 in Central Yemen
Saudis Say One Killed by Missile Attack From Yemen
Hyenas, Wolves, and Disease 'Welcome' Yemenis Fleeing War
Facebook Disables Palestinian News Site's Account
It's the Economy, Stupid: Israel's Quiet Backchannel to Palestinians
Iron Dome Kicks Into Action After Mistaking Bullets for Rockets
Reports Say Israeli Jets Hit Hezbollah Positions Along Syria-Lebanon Border
First India-Israel Flight Over Saudi Airspace Angers El Al
Middle East
Iran Should Turn to Russia, China After Bolton Nom.: Senior MP
Exiled Rights Activist Accuses Bahrain of Persecuting Kin
Mexicans Fear Abuses as New Law Empowers Military – but US Security Aid Keeps Coming
Ambush of Mexican Marines Kill 5, Wound 12 in Border City
Mexican Prosecutors Arrest Three Ex-Officials in Killings
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Singing the Bolton Blues

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Trump, 14 EU Nations Expel Russian Diplomats and Recall Ambassadors

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The Iraq War After 15 Years

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How Many Terms ’til You’re a Tyrant?

David R. Henderson
Rex Tillerson at Hoover

Lucy Steigerwald
Missile False Alarm in Hawaii: How Wrong Buttons Can Wreak Havoc

Ran HaCohen
Jerusalem, the Capital of Apartheid

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