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Updated April 1, 2018 - 10:24 PM EDT
Trump Has Talked Up Syria Pullout for Months
Trump Freezes Funds for Syrian Recovery
  US, British Soldiers Killed in Northern Syria Bombing
  US Deploys More Troops to Manbij to 'Ensure Safety' of Coalition
  Turkey Threatens to Attack French Forces in Syria for Backing Kurds
US Invites Russia to Replace Expelled Diplomats
  In Retaliation, Russia Expels Scores of Diplomats From 23 Countries
  US-Russian Relations Worst Ambassador Antonov Can Remember
  Russia Tests New 'Modern' Ballistic Missile
Israeli Forces Kill 17 Palestinians on Land Day
  US Blocks UNSC Statement on Israel's Use of Force on Land Day
  Why Does Land Matter This Much to Palestinians Anyway?
  In Gaza, Israel Turned Good Friday Into Bloody Friday
Pentagon Desperate to Show Progress in Afghan War
item Did the US Miss Its Chance to Stop North Korea's Nuclear Program?  by Julian Borger
item The Last 'Peace Process' Warrior: Abbas Hanging by a Thread  by Ramzy Baroud
item On Iran and North Korea: Don't Trust, and Verify, Verify, Verify  by Ernest J. Moniz
item The Appointments of Bolton and Pompeo Bring US Closer to War  by Patrick Cockburn
item The Left's Embrace of Empire  by Lyle Jeremy Rubin
item Patriot Missiles Are Made in America and Fail Everywhere  by Jeffrey Lewis

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Pulse Gunman's Widow Found Not Guilty
CNN Lost Way in Struggle to Find an Audience
India Denies Interest in F-35 Joint Strike Fighter
Eight Killed in ISIS Suicide Attack in Eastern Libya
Israel Denies Easter Travel Permits to Gaza Christians
826 Killed in Iraq in March
Hundreds Protest in Baghdad Against Saudi Crown Prince's Visit
Basra Felines Check Into Iraq's First Cat Hotel – in Pictures
Syria Rebel Group Upbeat on Douma Talks but Denies Deal
Two British ISIS Members Say Hostage Beheadings Were a 'Mistake'
New York Times Covers Up Israel's Killing of Nonviolent Protesters Inside the Gaza Border
Senior Hamas Official: 'I think We Can All Live Here in This Land – Muslims, Christians, and Jews'
Gaza Farmer Killed by Israeli Tank Shell
'I Am Here Because This Is Our Land': Planting Olives Trees to Mark Land Day in Al Walaja
UN Leader Calls for Investigation Into Deadly Gaza Clashes
Israeli Generals Sued in Dutch Court for Killing Gaza Family
Middle East
Six Turkish Security Force Members Killed in Kurdish Militant Attack: Security Sources
Qatar, UAE Spend Heavily on Lobbyists Amid a War of Words
Lebanese Army Disperses Palestinian Solidarity Protest Near Israel Border
Venezuelan Jail Dead Buried in Mass Tomb as Questions Linger
Man Accused of War Crimes by Guatemala Ordered Deported
Americans Still Dying
Volunteers Honor North Texas Pararescue Soldier Killed in Iraq Helicopter Crash
Jacksonville Beach (FL) Native Among 7 Killed in Helicopter Crash in Iraq
Long Island (NY) Airmen Killed in Iraq Chopper Crash Recalled by Parents
The War at Home
Boeing Hit by Wannacry Virus, Fears It Could Cripple Some Jet Production
John Bolton Skewed Intelligence, Say People Who Worked With Him
Mattis Jokes That He's Heard Bolton Is the 'Devil Incarnate'
US to Seek Social Media Details From All Visa Applicants
How Seoul Raced to Conclude US Trade Deal Ahead of North Korea Talks
UN Blacklists Dozens of Ships, Companies Over North Korea Smuggling
Japan's Defense Chief Welcomes Resumption of US-South Korea Military Drills
Dennis Rodman Hopes Trump Gives Kim Jong UN a 'Make America Great Again' Hat
As Afghan Forces Squeeze in Helmand, Taliban Focus Shifts
Pakistan: Militants Kill Three Police Officers in Bomb Attack
Uzbek Judge Grants Defendant's Request to Investigate Torture Allegation
Countries Affected by Russia's Latest Diplomat Expulsions
Georgia Expels One Russian Diplomat Over UK Nerve Agent Attack
Gunman Shoots Exiled Azeri Journalist, Kills Wife in Southern France
Most French Want Macron Crackdown on Radical Islamists: Polls
Netherlands Posts Military Attache to Iran, Angering Coalition Partner
Czech Republic Defies Russia, Extradites 'Hacker' to US
UN Envoy Says Difficulties Remain in Macedonia Name Dispute
Kosovo PM Sacks Security Chief, Interior Minister Over Turkish Arrests
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