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Updated November 7, 2018 - 8:40 PM EST
Gen. Dunford: Troops Won't Deny Migrants Entry
Taliban Overrun Bases Across Afghanistan
  Taliban Tax Collectors Key to Controlling Parts of Afghanistan
Yemen's Houthis Halt Saudi-Led Advance
  Saudi Attacks Killed Five Civilians Across Yemen
  Lockheed CEO Says She'll 'Follow Govt's Lead' on Arms to Saudis
Watch Final Episodes of Film on US Israel Lobby
  BDS Poses No Threat, Says Israeli Minister in Charge of Fighting It
Iraqi Troops Enter Syria, Seize 30 Border Posts
  Report: 30 ISIS Fighters Killed in 24 Hours in Eastern Syria
Iran Selling as Much Oil as They Need Despite US
item Israel and the Trillion-Dollar 2005-2018 US Intelligence Budget  by Grant Smith
item Failure Forecast: Sanctions Won't Work on Iran  by John Glaser
item Global Call Is for US to Stop Being a Threat to Peace  by Chen Weihua
item Trump Bullying Will Hurt Millions of Iranians  by Medea Benjamin
item America Goes to War
 by Philip Giraldi
item Why Is Israel Afraid of Khalida Jarrar?  by Ramzy Baroud

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Cory Booker Uses Anti-Semitic Massacre as Excuse to Nix Palestinians Rights
US Offers Reward for PKK Members on Turkey's Most-Wanted List
Manhattan Subway Bomber Found Guilty of Supporting ISIS
Balkan Nations to Cooperate on IDing Missing Persons
NATO Chief in Kabul, Will Meet With Afghan Leaders
Record Level of Taliban Violence Against Afghan Election: UN
Decades of War Takes Toll on Afghanistan Environment
Italy Says Will Help Pakistani Woman in Blasphemy Case Leave Her Country
Canada Says Safety of Pakistani Woman in Blasphemy Case a 'Priority'
Friday: US, China to Hold Delayed Diplomatic, Security Dialogue
China Unveils Stealth Combat Drone in Development
Security Spending Soars in China's Troubled Xinjiang Region
Minsk Warns Against US Base in Poland, Won't Accept Russian One
US Says Will Issue Chemical Weapons-Related Sanctions Against Russia
Spain and Russia Agree to Set Up Joint Cybersecurity Group
Cyprus President: Decentralized Government Best for Peace
Mexican Ruling Party to Present Bill for Recreational Marijuana Use
EU Extends Venezuela Sanctions Over Democracy, Rights Violations
Brazil Judge Denies Cabinet Post a Reward for Jailing Lula
Fighting Between Colombia Rebels and Gang Displaced 850 People: Mayor
Egypt's Sisi Orders Review of Law Curbing NGOs
Sisi Says Army Will Defend Gulf Arabs in Case of Direct Threat
Cameroon's Leader Sworn in for 7th Term Amid Rising Unrest
Cameroon Leader Tells Separatists to Lay Down Arms After Child Kidnappings
More Bombs in Baghdad Despite Ministry Denials; Six Killed in Iraq
More Than 200 Mass Graves of ISIS Victims Found in Iraq: UN Report
Hashd Al-Shaabi Militiamen's Salaries Now on a Par With Iraqi Army
Saudi Arabia
Saudis Tampered With CCTV Cameras After Khashoggi Murder
Turkey Has Evidence to Share on Khashoggi, Foreign Minister Says
Pompeo Allows Sanctions Exception for Iran Port Development
Erdogan: US Sanctions on Iran Wrong, Aimed to Unbalance World
Iran Sanctions Waiver for Turkey Helps Improve Economy, US-Turkish Ties: Experts
EU Official: 'More Honest' to Scrap Turkey Membership Talks
Turkish Court Sentences Pro-Kurdish Lawmaker to Jail on Terrorism Charges
Minister: Israel Might Destroy Syrian S-300s, Even if Manned by Russians
Gaza's Iconic 'Liberty Protester' Shot in the Leg by Israeli Forces
Israel Issues Demolition Order for Home of Suspected Palestinian Killer
Netanyahu Advances Bill Seeking Death Penalty for Palestinians Accused of 'Terrorism'
Nowhere to Go, Nowhere to Live; Jordan Valley Demolitions Leave Families Destitute.
Settler Leaders Warned Rabin Not to 'Cross Red Lines' Before Assassination
At Least 16 Nigeria Troops Missing After Boko Haram Attack
Thousands of Child Soldiers Still Trapped After South Sudan War: UN
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