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Updated January 2, 2019 - 9:30 PM EST
Slowing Syria Pullout Raises Questions on Policy
  Syrian Rebels, Jihadists Clash, Killing 19
  Syria's Deaths at Wartime Low in 2018 as Assad Regains Control
Houthis: UN Food Agency Is Taking Sides
  World Food Program, Bribed by Saudis, Threatens Starving Yemenis
  UAE, a US Ally, Arms Yemeni Warlord on US Terrorist List
Taliban Reports Post-Occupation Talks With Iran
  Taliban Kill at Least 27 Security Forces in Northern Afghanistan
  CIA's Afghan Forces Terrorize the Public, Undermine Trust
Giuliani Says Assange Should Not Be Prosecuted
7,201 Killed in Iraq in 2018, Lowest Since US Invasion
Kim Ready to Meet Trump, Says US Must End Sanctions
UK UFO Mystery Was 'Prank Played on USAF by SAS'
item Is the End of the Brutal War in Yemen Finally at Hand?  by Gareth Porter
item US Policy Toward Cuba Attacked America's Freedom and Values  by Jacob G. Hornberger
item Let the War Vote Go to Congress Now  by Bruce Fein
item The Atomic Bombing of Japan, Reconsidered  by Alan Mosley

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US and Israel Formally Quit UNESCO
Outrage After Netflix Pulls Comedy Show Criticizing Saudi Arabia
Pompeo, Netanyahu Vow to Continue Cooperation Over Syria and Iran
Mexican Mayor Gunned Down After Being Sworn In
7,201 Killed in Iraq During 2018, Lowest Since US Invasion
Iraqi MP: US Bases Violate Baghdad-Washington Agreement
Plunge in Oil Prices Threatens Iraq's Postwar Recovery

Former Israeli FM Livni Out in Cold as Left-Wing Opposition Splits

These Two Girls Were Thrown Out of Israel When They Came to Visit Their Orthodox Convert Mom
Australian Labor Party Commits to Recognizing Palestine
Honduras to Talk With Israel, US on Jerusalem Embassy
Court Throws Out Confession of Jewish Minor Held on Terror Charges
Middle East
Iranian Plan to Spend $2b on Russian Passenger Jets Collapses Due to US Sanctions
Report: Five Saudi Forces Killed in Southern Saudi Arabia
2019's First Suicide Bomber Strikes in Libya
Hifter Forces in Libya Say They Freed 19 Kidnapped by ISIS
Egypt Mulls Changing Constitution to Keep Sisi in Power
Trump and Egypt's Sisi Discuss Middle East in Phone Call
Armed Men Kill 37 Civilians in Part of Mali Hit by Ethnic Violence
DR Congo Cuts Internet for Second Day to Avert 'Chaos' Before Poll Results
Sudan: Calls Grow for Omar Al-Bashir to Step Down
The War at Home
US Strategic Command Helpfully Reminds World It Could Still Annihilate Everyone Before Midnight
'Wow': NASA Startles With Invitation to Sanctioned Russian
Marine's Shooting Death Inside DC Barracks Being Investigated as an Accident
Pentagon Spokeswoman Dana White to Step Down
US Navy Pursuing Block Buy of Two Aircraft Carriers: Senator
Top US Commander in Afghanistan Sees Peace Opportunity in 2019
Afghan Political Group: Election Delay Gives Govt Chance to Engineer the Process
Govt Appoints 11 Women in Kabul District Municipalities
Gunmen Attack Security Base in Pakistan's Balochistan Province
Pakistan Army Shoots Down Indian Spy Quadcopter Along LoC
China/Taiwan/Hong Kong
China's Leader Urges Action on Unification With Taiwan
Taiwan Tells China to Use Peaceful Means to Resolve Differences
Thousands March in Hong Kong Against China 'Repression'
Zapatista Rebels Vow Opposition to Mexico's New President
Manchester Stabbings Suspect May Have Mental Problems as UK Terrorism Probe Ongoing
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