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Updated January 7, 2019 - 8:59 PM EST
$100Bln in Saudi Arms Buys a World Full of Hurt
  Yemeni Rivals Trade Artillery Fire Around Hodeidah
Bolton: Won't Exit Syria if Objectives Not Achieved
  Al-Qaeda Captures 20 Towns and Villages in Northern Syria
  Syrian Govt, Kurds Discuss Plans for Post-US Operations
  Turkey Slams Pompeo Over Claims of Targeting Kurds
Notorious CIA-Backed Units To Remain in Afghanistan
  Trump 'Evaluating' Withdrawal From Afghanistan
'Sonic Attack' on US Embassy May Have Been Crickets
US Sends Troops for Possible 'Violent' Congo Protests
item US Senate's First Bill Is a Defense of the Israeli Govt From Boycotts  by Ryan Grim & Glenn Greenwald
item Turkey Fails in Idleb, Is Unwilling to Take the Northeast of Syria  by Bernhard
item Some Confucian Calm, Please!  by Eric Margolis
item Why Trump's Advisors Keep Quashing His Realist Whims  by Ted Galen Carpenter

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The Dark Overlord Decrypts More 9/11 Insurance Files
Brazil Military Uneasy With Bolsonaro's Openness to US Base: Source
CBS Broadcasts Sisi Interview Despite Egypt Request Not to Air It
US Will 'Assure' Israel's Security Before Syria Pullout
The War at Home
Arkansas Law Requiring State Contractors Pledge Not to Boycott Israel Has Court Challenge
Bernie Sanders Lambasts Introduction of Anti-BDS Bill as 'Absurd'
Fact Check: Did the US Catch 4,000 Terrorists at the Southern Border in 2018?
Kevin M. Sweeney Resigns: Pentagon Chief of Staff Becomes Third Top DoD Official to Resign in Less Than a Month
Turkish NBA Star Won't Join Team on London Trip Because of 'Lunatic' Erdogan
WikiLeaks Tells Reporters 140 Things Not to Say About Julian Assange
Contaminated Groundwater, a Toxic Legacy of Georgia's Air Bases
More Than 20 Killed in Taliban Attack in South Afghanistan
Two Policemen Killed in Afghan Clash
Taliban Kill Seven Security Personnel
16 Militants Killed in Kandahar Clash
Afghan Forces Free 12 Hostages as Taliban Kidnap Government Employees
Taliban Seek Venue Change for Peace Talks With US
Special Envoy to Visit Pakistan on Afghan Peace
US, North Korea 'Negotiating' on Location for Next Kim Summit: Trump
Historic Year of Inter-Korea Relations Sees Drop in Tensions
China's Xi Calls on Army to Be Battle-Ready
Taiwan's President, Defying Xi Jinping, Calls Unification Offer 'Impossible'
Car Bomb Explosion Wounds Three in Northwest Pakistan
Khmer Rouge Topple Still Dominates Cambodian Politics 40 Years On
Egypt, Israel in Close Cooperation Against Sinai Fighters: Sisi
Egypt Police Officer Killed Defusing Church Bomb: Security Source
Nigerian Military Raids Paper After Boko Haram Article, Paper Says
Nigerian Militant Group Claims 'Warning' Strike on Conoil Facility
Sudanese Flood Khartoum Streets, Demanding President Go
Sudan Security Forces Arrest Khartoum University Lecturers: Professors
Venezuela's Congress Names New Leader, Vows to Battle Maduro
Former Venezuela Supreme Court Judge Flees to US, Denounces Maduro
Violence Rages in Northeastern Brazil Despite Deployment
Guatemala Bars Entry to UN-Sponsored Corruption Investigator
Two Americans Among Five ISIS Fighters Captured in Syria, Official Says
With US Leaving, Rival Powers Seek to Move Into Syria's East
Turkish-Backed Syrian Rebel Army Deploys to Halt Jihadist Advances
Syrian Opposition Urges Countries Not to Reconcile With Assad
Deal With Syria Regime 'Inevitable': Kurdish Commander
Turkey Seeks 'Major' US Military Assistance in Syria
Two British Special Forces Soldiers Seriously Hurt by ISIS Missile in Syria
Yazidi Rights Group Urges US to Keep Troops in Syria
Coalition Airstrike Targets ISIS; 14 Killed in Iraq
Iraqi Lawmakers Call for Withdrawal of US Forces
Iraq President Marks Armed Forces Day With Call for Stronger Army
Turkey: Seven Militants 'Neutralized' in Northern Iraq
ISIS Militants Kidnap Five Villagers in Central Iraq
Iran Bracing for Economic Contraction as Oil Exports Crumble
Iranian Oil Minister Says Potential Buyers Up 'Significantly' Despite Sanctions
UN Envoy Arrives in Yemen's Capital to Salvage Hodeidah Ceasefire
Saudi Arabia
Detained Saudi Woman Activist Threatened With Naked Footage
Saudi Arabia Girl Held in Bangkok, Fears Death if Repatriated
Saudi Embassy Denies Seizing Passport of Australia-Bound Saudi Woman Seeking Asylum
Israeli Forces Target Paramedics at Gaza Protest
Attacks by Jews Against Palestinians in the West Bank Tripled in 2018
Israeli Teenagers Are Suspected in Deadly Stoning of a Palestinian Woman
Hosting Top Trump Aide, PM Asks US to Recognize Israeli Sovereignty Over Golan
1,200-Year-Old Islamic-Period Town Found in Israel, but You Will Never See It
Hamas Arrests Five Over Palestinian Govt Media Raid
US Envoy to Israel: Trump's Peace Plan Won't Be Released for Several Months
Bolton Tells Netanyahu of US Concern With Chinese Presence at Haifa Port
Israel Reportedly Threatens to Expel Family of Accused Attacker From Ramallah Home
Russia Denies Former US Marine Is Being Held as a Bargaining Chip
US Accused of Arresting Russian Citizen One Day After Ex-Marine Detained in Moscow for Spying
Ukraine Church's Historic Split From Russia Granted by Patriarch
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