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Updated January 11, 2019 - 8:37 PM EST
US Military Announces Start of Syria Pullout
  Turkey Will Launch Syria Offensive if US Delays Pullout
  Syrian Jihadists Cement Grip, Forcing Deal on Idlib Rebels
Pompeo Seeks More US Intervention in Mideast
  Pompeo Delivers Anti-Obama Mideast Manifesto
  Pompeo: US Won't Accept Major Hezbollah Presence in Lebanon
  US Five-Point 'Non-Paper' for Syria Delivered by Bolton to Turkey
Taliban Kill 32 Security Forces Across N. Afghanistan
  11 Years, $8 Bln Later, US-Built Afghan Air Force Still Struggling
Trump-Kim Summit Expected Soon as Xi Agrees to Visit
  Aid Groups Hopeful US Will Ease North Korea Restrictions
Anti-BDS Bill Fails Again in Senate
Houthi Drone Strike Kills 6 at S. Yemen Military Parade
Roundup: US Firms Rule $398 Bln Global Arms Industry
item The Bankruptcy of Conventional Wisdom at the Pentagon  by William J. Astore
item Does the Bulwark Mean Neocons Are Staging a Comeback?  by Hunter DeRensis
item Prisoner for Free Speech:
The Relentless Pursuit of Assange
 by Serge Halimi
item What Trump’s Syrian Withdrawal Really Reveals  by Stephen F. Cohen
item Where in the World the US Military Is Operating  by Stephanie Savell
item Americans Should Oppose Creation of 'Ft. Trump' in Poland  by Mark Weisbrot

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Transcript of Pompeo Mideast Speech
Legal Aid Fund Launched for WikiLeaks Founder Assange
Boeing-Embraer Merger Going Ahead After Bolsonaro Approval
Military Looking to Cut or Delay Construction Projects for Possible Wall Funds
Mexican Gang Battle Near US Border Leaves 21 Dead
38 Found in Mass Grave Near Mosul; One Killed in Iraq
Iraq Closes Camps for Displaced, Pushes Families Into Peril
Iran's Zarif on Pompeo: US Brings Chaos Where It Interferes
Rouhani: Iran-Made Rockets to Carry Satellites Into Orbit
Israelis, Palestinians Segregated on New West Bank Highway
Hamas Say Egypt to Fully Reopen Gaza Border Despite PA Pullout
Israel Says US Blocks Its Sale of Fighter Jets to Croatia
Israeli Opposition Leader Made Secret Visit to UAE
Five Israeli Soldiers Arrested for Allegedly Beating Detained Palestinians Out of Revenge
Middle East
Syrian Kurdish Forces Publish Footage of Downed Turkish Drone
UN Yemen Envoy Calls for Restraint After Violence
UAE Welcomes Pompeo's Speech, Says as an Important Message for Friends
Turkey Says US Missile Deal Impossible if Tied to Dropping Russian S-400s
UN Group Says Bahrain Arbitrarily Detained Activist's Family
US Sanctions Threaten Russian Plans for Passenger Jet
Russia Says It Is Investigating BBC for Airing Terrorist Ideology
Former US Marine Held in Russia on Spy Charges Seeks Bail
Russia Says Japan Distorting Prospects for Peace Deal on Islands
French Air Force Says Two on Missing Fighter Jet Are Dead
Maduro Begins New Presidential Term Amid Intensifying Political Battles
Maduro Starts New Term as US Decries Him as 'Usurper'
Peru Recalls Last Diplomat From Venezuela to Protest 'Illegitimate' New Term
The War at Home
New Pentagon Chief Under Scrutiny Over Perceived Boeing Bias
Washington Post Launching Arabic-Language Commentary Page
Navy Officer Allegedly Stole $2.7 Million to Feed High-Stakes Poker Habit
Karzai Believes 'Americans' Are Not Going to Leave Afghanistan
Iran FM Zarif's Taliban Comments Spark Backlash From Afghan Govt
Afghanistan 'Worst Country for Journalists in 2018': Monitor
South Korea, China Urge Concessions on Both Sides to End US-North Korea Standoff
South Korea's Moon Urges Japan Leaders Not to 'Politicize' Forced Labor Issues
Alleged War Criminal Named 2nd-In-Command of Sri Lanka Army
Attackers Kill Four Volunteers at School in Southern Thailand
DR Congo
Kabila Advisor Accepts Election Defeat; Says Democracy Triumphed in DR Congo
Police, Military Seen Near DR Congo Opposition Area
Catholic Church Rejects DR Congo Vote Result, Loser Decries 'Coup'
Sudan Activists: Three Protesters Killed in Clashes With Police
Sudanese Forces Fire Tear Gas to Break Up Anti-Government Protests in Omdurman
Libya's Militias Should Not Run Prisons: UN Chief
Burkina Faso Army Chief Sacked as Jihadist Attacks Continue
Nigeria Troops Return to Baga After ISIS Attacks Force Thousands to Flee
Australian Police Charge Man Over Hazardous Parcels Sent to Diplomatic Offices
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