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Updated January 14, 2019 - 9:39 PM EST
White House Sought Options To Attack Iran
  Iran Is Designing New Fuel for Tehran Nuclear Reactor
Pompeo: Syria Pullout Just a 'Tactical Change'
  Trump to 'Devastate Turkey Economically' if They Attack Syria Kurds
  US-Backed Kurds Attack Syria Towns, Declare 'Final Moments' for ISIS
Venezuela Opposition Leader Is Arrested
Yemen's Houthis Threaten More Drone Attacks
State Dept Tells Venezuelan Opposition to Oust Maduro
Trump Demands South Korea Pay More for US Troops

Why Are Media Eager to Declare Trump's Syria Withdrawal Dead?  by Gareth Porter

item Pompeo in Cairo: Anti-Obama, Anti-Iran, and Little Else  by Paul R. Pillar
item How to Deal With China While Avoiding War  by Doug Bandow
item An Appeal to My Readers  by Justin Raimondo
item Why I Tell No War Stories  by Camillo Mac Bica
item Refugees Are in the Channel Thanks to the Actions of the West  by Patrick Cockburn

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Hundreds More Active-Duty Troops May Be Sent to US-Mexico Border
US Ambassador Richard Grenell Threatens German Firms Over Russian Pipeline
Schumer to Force Vote on US Decision to Lift Sanctions on Russia Firms
Syrian Army Shells Areas Held by Insurgents in Northwest
Pompeo Says Good Outcome Possible for Both Turkey and Syrian Kurds
600 People Leave in First Evacuation From Syria ISIS Holdout: Monitor
Damascus Seeks 'Intensified' Talks With Kurds: Official
Outgoing IDF Chief: Israel Has Struck 'Thousands' of Iranian Targets in Syria
Israeli Actions in Syria No Different From Those of ISIS: Syrian Foreign Ministry
'Real Risk' of Refugees Freezing to Death in Syria After Rains Destroy Shelters
Saudi Prince Criticizes US Over Planned Withdrawal of Troops From Syria
Iraq Says It Supports Syria's Return to Arab League
Two Manbij Security Forces Killed by Roadside Bomb
Yemen Military Intel Chief Dies of Wounds From Drone Attack
Clashes Erupt in Yemen's Hodeidah Despite Truce
15 Injured in Fresh Explosion at Oil Refinery in Yemen's Aden
Iran Foreign Minister in Baghdad for Talks
Iran Protests to Poland Over Iran-Focused Summit
Are US Newspapers Biased Against Palestinians? Analysis of 100,000 Headlines in Top Dailies Says, Yes
Israeli Sniper Kills Gaza Woman in First Fatality of 2019
Six Palestinians Injured in Clashes With Israeli Soldiers in Ramallah: Medics
Israel Claims Syria Air Strike, Says Hunt for Hezbollah Tunnels Over
Israel Strikes Targets in Gaza in Response to Rocket Fired
World Food Program Cuts Aid for Palestinians
Hamas: 'We Seized Technical Devices and Equipment During Botched IDF Raid'
Hamas Offers $1 Million for Identities of Israeli Special Ops in November Raid
Yair Lapid Courts Left-Wing Voters, in Advanced Talks to Join Forces With Tzipi Livni
Middle East
Children Wounded in Roadside Blast; Two Killed in Iraq
Urging Gulf States to Heal Rift, US's Pompeo Lands in Riyadh
Ex-Colombia Rebel Leader Resurfaces Regretting Peace Deal
Human Rights Watch Calls for Sanctions Against New Afghan Defense Minister
ISIS Commander Killed in Afghanistan, US Forces Say
Gunmen Attack Police Station in Western Afghanistan, Five Killed
'The Taliban Made Me Fight': What to Do With Child Recruits After They Serve Time?
16 Injured in Kashmir Protests After Two Rebels Killed
Border Plan Sparks Fear in Kosovo's Serb Enclaves
Kosovo's Leaders Hail Ex-Fighters Headed to War Crimes Court
US Backs Place in NATO, EU for Renamed Macedonia
Greek Government Splits Over Macedonia Name Change
Greek Prosecutor Orders Probe Into Alleged Threats Over Macedonia Name Deal
Ukraine Signs Agreement to Procure Turkish Bayraktar TB2 Drones
Spektr-R: Russia's Only Space Telescope 'Not Responding'
Mayor of Gdansk Stabbed Onstage at Polish Charity Event
Thousands Demand Transfers for ETA Prisoners in Basque Protest
German WW1 Submarine Emerges Off French Coast
Egypt Extends State of Emergency for Three Months
Egypt Says Its Security Forces Killed Six Militants
Sudan Protests Death Toll Rises to 24: Fact-Finding Committee
Sudan Protests Continue Despite Police Crackdown
Regional Powers Stick With Sudan's Bashir, Fearing 'They Will Be Next'
DR Congo
DR Congo Runner-Up Fayulu Asks Court to Order Election Recount
DR Congo Forces Surround Presidential Runner-Up's Residence
'Terrorist' Attack in Gasseliki in Northern Burkina Faso Kills 12
Cameroon Army Kills Seven in Anglophone Region
Somali Soldier Given Death Sentence for Murdering Civilian
Gabon's Bongo Names New Prime Minister After Thwarted Coup Attempt
Brazil Says It Recognizes Venezuelan Opposition Leader as President
Pompeo Call Nicolas Maduro Govt in Venezuela 'Illegitimate'
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