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Updated January 18, 2019 - 8:36 PM EST
Syria Attack Gives US Hawks, ISIS What They Want
  Army Releases Critical History of the War in Iraq
  France to Continue Military Operation in Iraq and Syria in 2019
US Rejects Russia Offer, To Pull Out of INF Treaty
  Trump Announces US Will Develop Space-Based Missile Defense
Pakistan Trying to Arrange New US-Taliban Talks
  Afghan, US Ops Kill at Least 57 Taliban Across Afghanistan
American Anchor for Iran TV Still Jailed Without Charge
Al-Shabaab: Kenya Attack Revenge for US Jerusalem Policy
item Let's Expose Congress Members for the Warhawks They Are  by Maj. Danny Sjursen
item A Century Later, the Versailles Treaty Still Haunts Our World  by Doug Bandow
item Trump's Trip to Iraq Confirms the Debacle  by Jacob Hornberger
item At Age 70, Time to Rethink NATO  by Patrick J. Buchanan
item Dismantling the Doomsday Machines  by John V. Walsh
item Israel Must Accept That the US Will No Longer Police the Middle East  by Leon Hadar

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Hersh: GHW Bush Team Leaked to Media to Reveal CIA's Iran-Contra Affair
Trump Blocks Pelosi's Trip to Afghanistan
Amazon Shareholders Push to Halt Facial Recognition Contracts With Police
Brazil, US Officials Meet Venezuela Opposition Leaders
The War at Home
US Law Expert: PressTV Anchor Hashemi's Detention 'Unconstitutional'
Press TV Issues Statement on Anchor's Detention in US
From New Orleans to Tehran: Life of Detained Iran Newscaster
Pentagon Warns Middle East Turning to China for Drone Needs
Law Firm Tied to Manafort's Ukraine Lobbying Will Register as Foreign Agent
Space-Based Interceptors and Drones With Lasers: The Pentagon's Missile Defense Review Wish List Revealed
Thousands Protest Against Al-Bashir's Rule Across Sudan
Tear Gas Fired at Protesters Marching to Sudan Presidential Palace
Sudan Protest Hub: Top Journalist Rearrested, Two Deaths Reported
Doctor and Child Killed in Sudan Protests: Opposition-Linked Doctors' Committee
Last 19 Missing After Deadly Nairobi Hotel Attack Now Accounted For
Death Toll in Militia Clashes in Libya's Capital Rises to 10
Militants Kidnap Christian Man in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula
Qatar Gives Somalia Armored Vehicles
Canadian Mine Worker Abducted and Killed in Burkina Faso
France Conducts Air Operations in Mali and Central African Republic
Boko Haram Claims Attack on Northeast Nigerian Town of Rann
Car Bomber Kills 10 in Colombia Police Academy Attack
Mexico Congress Backs National Guard, Weakens Military Role
NBA's Kanter Urges Trump to Act on Turkey's Human Rights Record
Turkey Deports Dutch Journalist, Alleges Link to Al Qaeda Offshoot
40 Bodies in ISIS Grave; Seven Killed in Iraq
Iraq PM: 25% of Foreign Troops Withdrew in 2018
UN: Israeli Seizure of West Bank Structures Rose 10% in 2018
Israel to Decide on Qatari Money to Gaza Based on Nature of Friday's Border Protest
Head of UN Team in Yemen's Hodeidah Safe After Car in Convoy Shot: UN
Warring Parties Hopeful on Prisoner Swap as Hodeidah Stalls
Middle East
SDF to Intensify Anti-ISIS Campaign After Manbij Suicide Attack
Saudi Arabia Pumps Money Into Restive Shi'ite Quarter It Once Flattened
Lebanon Says It Captured American Man Suspected of Infiltrating From Israel
Vietnam Prepares for Kim Jong UN Visit Amid Talk of Second Summit With Trump
Kyrgyz Police Disperse Anti-Chinese Rally
US Special Envoy in Pakistan for Talks on Afghan Peace
Russian Defense Committee Head: US Missile Strategy Will Stoke Tensions
Putin Accuses Kosovo of Stirring Tensions by Setting Up Its Own Army
Man Charged With Spying for China Advised Former Polish PM
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Cancer Gets You a Doctor's Note

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Let's Expose Congress Members for the Warhawks They Are

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The Syrian War Is Over – It Never Should Have Started

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