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Updated February 11, 2019 - 8:40 PM EST
Inside the Secretive US Air Campaign in Somalia
  US Airstrikes Kill 15 Somalis; General Warns Airstrikes 'Not Enough'
Would-Be Venezuela Govt Has Top Diplomat in US
  Battle Over Venezuela's Citgo Rages at Board of Directors
  How a Tiny Cabal Galvanized Venezuela's Opposition
US Airstrikes Kill 21 Afghan Civilians in Helmand
  Acting Pentagon Chief Makes First Visit to Afghanistan
  Pentagon Denies Plans for Withdrawing From Afghanistan
ISIS, Syrian Kurds Launch Attacks Against One Another
With Savings to Burn, Russia Spends on Infrastructure
item The Great Con of American Patriotism  by Robert Scheer
item Venezuela: Democratic Uprising or US Coup?  by Reese Erlich
item Douma: Searching for Facts in the Fog of Syria's Propaganda War  by James Harkin
item My Life as a Reader  by Justin Raimondo
item One Weekend a Month, My Ass  by Rebecca Gordon
item The Progressive Except Palestine Problem  by Marjorie Cohn

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Pentagon's Cloud Strategy Could Make Military More Vulnerable to Hackers
Spec Ops Launches 'Secret Surrogate' Missions in New Counter-Terror Strategy
Netherlands to Recognize Gaza Strip and West Bank as Birthplaces
Security Personnel Among 10 Killed in Iraq
Passing Law to End US Troops' Stay in Iraq Difficult: Senior Iraqi Lawmaker
Russia 'Repatriates' 27 ISIS Children From Iraq
Iraq's PM Says Solving Water Pollution Prioritized for Iraq
Civilians Trapped in Embattled ISIS Pocket in Syria
French Guns on Iraq Border Aim to Pin Down ISIS Diehards Inside Syria
'The Fighting Was Intense': Witness Tells of Two-Day Attempt to Kill ISIS Leader
Turkish Soldier Killed in Clashes in Northern Syria
Report: ISIS Reduced to Only '500 Fighters Hiding in Just Five Square Miles'
Armenia Sends Mine-Clearing Experts, Doctors to Syria
Russian Diplomat Warns of Israel-Lebanon Conflict, Slams US 'Incitement
Iran FM Extends Support for New Lebanese Government
Iran to Maintain Advisory Role in Iraq, Syria: Chief Commander
Mossad, MI6, and CIA Smuggled Iranian Defector to US
Iran Group MEK Calls for Regime Change in Paris March
Trump Promises to 'Protect Israel' From Syria – What Does That Mean?
Israel Kills Two Children in Gaza Protests
Gaza Buries Teens as Israel Arrests Suspect in Settler Killing
Netanyahu Expands Legal Team as Indictment Looms
Voting Irregularities Surface in Likud Primaries Results
Liberman: Benjamin Netanyahu May Take a Plea Deal and Resign
Middle East
Saudis Say They Don't Know Where Khashoggi's Body Is
Yemeni Warring Sides Agree to Exchange 2,000 Bodies
Merkel: ISIS Far From Being Defeated
Five Killed in Eastern Ukraine Amid Fragile Ceasefire
Madrid Demonstrators Reject Government's Catalonia Policy
Poland to Buy US Rocket System for $414 Million
Yellow Vest Demonstrator Injured by Grenade as Protesters Try to Storm French National Assembly
Egypt's Sisi Takes Over as New Head of African Union
DR Congo: Attack in Southern Beni Blamed on ADF Kills Seven
Scores of Chadian Rebels Held After French Air Strikes
Ethiopia Re-Integrates 1,700 Separatist Rebels
Dozens Sentenced Over Deadly 2015 Tunisia Attacks
Walter Jones, RIP
Walter Jones, Who Worked to Atone for His Iraq War Vote, Is Dead at 76
Rep. Walter Jones, Rest in Peace
US Air Charter Firm Denies It Had Any Ties to Arms Shipment to Venezuela
US Refiner Citgo Emerges as Key to Venezuela's Power Battle
Rep. Khanna Tells Guaido: 'You Don't Get to Authorize US Military Interventions'
US and Russia Push Rival United Nations Actions on Venezuela
Venezuela's Guaido Warns Military on Blocked Aid
Venezuela Shifts Oil Ventures' Accounts to Russian Bank: Document, Sources
Four Killed in Latest Demonstrations Across Haiti
As Protests and Deaths Escalate in Haiti, Mayors Cancel Pre-Carnival Parties
Protesters Stone Home of Haiti President, Clash With Police
Mexican Radio Journalist Shot Dead in Tabasco State
Afghan, Coalition Forces Kill 30 Taliban, ISIS Militants in Past 24 Hours
Fighting Leaves 14 Dead Including 6 Police in N. Afghanistan
10 ISIS Fighters Killed By Afghanistan Air Strikes
Afghan President Offers Taliban Local Office, but Group Wants Doha Instead
US Afghan Envoy to Kick Off Intensive Trip of 6 Countries
Herat Activists Call for Intra-Afghan Talks
Pakistani Journalist Critical of Government Seized Outside Home
Woman Acquitted of Blasphemy Still Can't Leave Pakistan
South Korea Signs Deal to Pay More for US Troops After Trump Demand
Grenade Attack in Kashmir Injures 11, Including 7 Security Personnel
China Condemns Indian PM Modi's Visit to Arunachal Pradesh
Indonesia Police Admit Using Snake to Terrorize Papuan Man
Endangered Tree on Guam to Be Transplanted for Military Firing Range
Feuding Tribes Unite as New Civil War Looms in Libya's South
East Libyan Forces Launch Air Strikes Near El Feel Oilfield
East Libyan Force Stops Plane in Campaign for South
Boko Haram Kills Three Troops in Nigeria Base Attack
Nigeria: Boko Haram Kills Two in Northern Adamawa State
Police Disperse Protest March on Sudan Women's Prison
Ethiopian Military Helicopter Crashes in Sudan, Three Dead
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