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Updated March 3, 2019 - 8:49 PM EST
S. Korean President To Help US, NK Reach Deal
  US, South Korea to Cancel Large Spring Military Exercises
  North Korean Media Focuses on Progress, Not Failures in Summit
Pentagon Plans for Afghan Pullout Within 5 Years
  Taliban Overrun South Afghan Military Base, Killing 25 Soldiers
Al-Shabaab Attacks Somali Capital, Kills 30
  US Military Says Airstrike Kills 26 Al-Shabaab in Central Somalia
India Bans Kashmir's Largest Political-Religious Group
  Pakistan Returns Captured Indian Pilot as Tensions Ease
Pompeo: US Will Defend Philippines in South China Sea
item When Withdrawing Troops Is Worse Than Nuclear War  by Doug Bandow
item How America Facilitates the UAE's Occupation of Southern Yemen  by Jonathan Fenton-Harvey
item Bitcoin: Cryptographic Tool That Can Secure Civil Liberties  by Nozomi Hayase
item Israel Playing a Big Role in India's Escalating Conflict With Pakistan  by Robert Fisk
item Britain's Witchfinders Are Ready to Burn Jeremy Corbyn  by Jonathan Cook
item The Arms Trade Is Intensifying Under Trump  by Peter Castagno

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Border Wall Casts Long Shadow Over Fy20 Defense Budget – and That's Not All
Chelsea Manning Subpoenaed to Testify Before Grand Jury in Assange Investigation
West Virginia National Guard Worked 'Behind the Scenes' to Defeat Bill
US, Taliban Talks in Doha to Resume Saturday
What Happens if There Is a Nuclear War Between Pakistan and India?
Five Security Personnel Killed in Kashmir Encounter
Pakistan to Lodge UN Complaint Against India for 'Eco-Terrorism' Forest Bombing
Some 2,000 Travelers Still Stranded in Bangkok After Pakistan Airspace Closed
Election Rival Says Afghan President Ghani Hindering Peace Deal
Welcome to 'Zombieland': a Former US Army Base Rots in the Hands of Overwhelmed Afghans
Huawei Invites Foreign Media to See for Itself on Spy Claims
Canada Begins Process of Extraditing Huawei Exec to US
Trump Says He's Asked China to Remove Tariffs on US Agricultural Products
North Korea's Yongbyon Nuclear Complex Takes Center Stage in Stalled Talks
Singapore Plans to Buy Four F-35 Jets With Option for Eight More
Roadside Bomb Blast in Mali Kills Nine Soldiers in G5 Sahel Joint Force
Malian Jihadist Leader Alive After French Strike Said To Have Killed Him
Sudan: Scores of Protesters Tried in Emergency Courts as Bashir Cedes Party Leadership
Dozens of Police Hurt as Tens of Thousands Protest in Algeria
US Increases Pressure on Maduro With New Sanctions, Revokes Visas of Associates
Venezuela to Move State Oil Firm Pdvsa Office From Lisbon to Moscow
Florida Banks Increase Scrutiny Over Venezuela Transactions Amid US Sanctions
Ortega Rep: 'Every Effort' Being Made in Nicaragua Talks
Nicaraguan Protesters Say Were Mistreated During Detention
Mexico's President Opens Archives on 'Dirty War Period
In Mexico, Those Searching for Missing Relatives Can Vanish Too
Weekend Reviews
The War Documentary the Marine Corps Doesn't Want You to See Is Finally Hitting Theaters
The Veneer of Civilization Slipped Away
Deadly Policing in New York City
17 Palestinians Hurt in Border Clashes With Israel: Gaza Ministry
Without Saying a Word, Israeli Troops Beat Up a Blind Man in His Bed
Israel Frees Palestinian Lawmaker After 20 Months Without Trial
Netanyahu May Not Be Able to Form Coalition, New Polls Show
Poll Shows Two-Thirds of Israelis Think Netanyahu Should Resign if Indicted
Southern Yemenis Warn Exclusion From UN Peace Talks Could Trigger New Conflict
Royal Wedding Received Triple the Media Coverage of Yemen in 2018
Saudi Arabia
Saudis Prepare Trials of Detainees Identified as Women's Rights Activists
Saudi Arabia Strips Osama bin Laden's Son of Citizenship

Saudi Arabia 'Strong-Arming EU' to Avoid Terror-Funding Blacklist

Germany Likely to Extend Halt on Saudi Arms Exports, Source Says
Abductees Shot Dead in Desert; Seven Killed in Iraq
Yazidis Freed From ISIS Captivity in Syria, Returned to Iraq
US-Backed Syrian Force Attacks Final ISIS Enclave
Four Killed in Explosion in Syria's Idlib
At Least 84 Die Since December Fleeing ISIS in Deir Al-Zor in East Syria: UN
US Renews Designation of PKK as Terrorist Organization
Turkey Says in Patriot Missile Talks With US
Turkish Entertainment TV Channel Suspends Broadcasting, Blaming Government Pressure
Kosovo President Says No Land Swap to Be Talked With Serbia
Greece: One Wounded After Car Explosion, Bombing Suspected
Colombia Peace Tribunal Lawyer Accused of Taking Bribe
Colombia's Cano Limon Pipeline Bombed for 9th Time in 2019
The War at Home
Pentagon Seeks $2b Over Five Years for Space Force
US Military Changing 'Killing Machine' Robo-Tank Program After Controversy
Americans Still Dying
Fortunately, No American Troops Were Reported Killed This Week
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