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Updated May 10, 2019 - 9:14 PM EDT
Backers May Sue Over Yemen Resolution Veto
Top US Officials Meet on Possible Attack on Iran
  US Officials Continue to Falsely Accuse Iran of Planned Attack
  Iran Calls for Strengthening Nuclear Deal, EU Rejects 'Ultimatum'
  US Commander Says He Could Send Carrier Into Strait of Hormuz
US Sends Mixed Messages on NKorea Diplomacy
  North Korea Fires Two Short-Range Missiles
  US Conducts Missile Test 10 Minutes After NK's Latest Missile Launch
Trump Blames Bolton for Venezuelan Quagmire
  Trump Says Bolton Doing a Good Job but Has to Temper Him
Chelsea Manning Released From Jail
Anti-Kurd Protests in Syria Could Endanger US Plans
US Airstrike Kills 13 Somalia ISIS Fighters, AFRICOM Says
CIA Warned Khashoggi Associates of Imminent Threats
item What's To Be Done About the Dire State of US-Russia Relations?  by Edward Lozansky
item Top Ten Questions About the Mueller Report  by Daniel Lazare
item US Military Must Fully Disclose Civilian Casualties in Lethal Airstrikes  by Daphne Eviatar
item Are All the World's Problems Ours?  by Patrick J. Buchanan
item Is America Ready for John Bolton's War With Iran?  by Scott Ritter
item Foreign Affairs Mag at a Turning Point on US Global Hegemony?  by Gilbert Doctorow

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John Bolton
Is the Problem

by Col. Douglas Macgregor
German Parliament Extends Army's Africa Missions
H.R. Mcmaster: Defeatist Narrative Hurting US Afghanistan Strategy
Pence: US Working 'Hour by Hour' on China Trade Deal
US House Seeks to Restore Central American Aid
US Charges Former Intel Analyst With Leaking Classified Data to Reporter
'Call Me,' Trump Tells Iran as Tensions Flare
Europeans Reject 'Ultimatums' From Iran as It Eases Nuclear Curbs
Iran Says It Wants to Bring Nuclear Deal Back on Track, Strengthen It
Iran Tensions Could Drive Up Oil Prices Above $80
Iran May Expel Afghan Refugees as US Tightens Sanctions
Suicide Bomber Strikes in Sadr City; 18 Killed in Iraq
More Than 500 Foreign ISIS Members Convicted in Iraq
Syrian Government Captures Strategic Town From Rebels: Residents, War Monitor
US-Backed Forces Kill 7 Protesters in Eastern Syria
Syria War: Toddler 'Only One Left' After Air Strike
In Israel, Members of Arab Minority Embrace Palestinian Identity
US Crafting Surrender Plan, Not Peace Deal: Palestinian Foreign Minister
Saudi Arabia
Dem Spending Bill Would Block Funds to Support Nuclear Sales to Saudis
Saudis Willing to Meet All Oil Orders
Rights Groups Try to Block Saudi Vessel Loading French Arms
Middle East
Ousted Istanbul Mayor Says Election Re-Run a Battle for Democracy
Group Accuses Yemen Rebels of Storing Weapons Near Civilians
Lebanon Students Get Classes in Surviving War and Disasters
US State Dept Approves Sale of Apache Helicopters to Qatar
Libya's Eastern Government Says It Won't Rule by Force
Libya's Haftar in Second Cairo Trip Since Tripoli Offensive
Tripoli Government Threatens to Suspend Foreign Firms to Pressure Europe
Algerian Military Jails Prominent Politician, Raising Worry
Algerian State TV Presenter 'Sacked' Over Protest Support
ISIS Claims Attack on DR Congo Military Base Near Kamango
Tanzania Opposition Activist Found Beaten, Dumped in Village
Togo Term Limit Law Allows President 10 More Years of Rule
Kenyan Court Sentences Briton to Four Years on Terrorism Charges
The War at Home
Twitter Suspended 166,153 Accounts for 'Terrorism' Content in Second-Half of 2018
State-Sponsored Breaches of US Government Networks Rose 168% Last Year
House Panel Advances Bill to Block Military Construction Funds for Border Wall
Billionaire Bezos Unveils Moon Lander Mockup, Touts Blue Origin's Lunar Goals
US Will Stick to Diplomacy on North Korea: Acting Pentagon Chief
Despite Missile Tests, Senior Official Sees Korea Talks Breakthrough
Trump Says He Does Not Think North Korea Is Ready to Negotiate
North Korea's Missile Launch Was a Protest After Failed Trump Summit: South Korea's Moon
North Korea's Projectiles Were Probably Short-Range Missiles: South's Military
US Tells North Korea: Free Political Prisoners
Diplomats Defend, Deplore North Korea's Human Rights Record
Trump Says He Has Received 'Beautiful' Letter From China's Xi
US, Japan, India, and Philippines Challenge Beijing With Naval Drills in the South China Sea
20 Percent of Kabul Votes Not Available: IECC
Sixth Round of Taliban-US Peace Talks End
Death Toll in Taliban Attack Targeting Afghanistan Aid Workers in Kabul Rises to 9
Sri Lanka Suspends Flight Training Near Biggest Air Force Base
Google Says Singapore's Fake News Law Could Hamper Innovation
India's Disparate Opposition Senses a Growing Chance to Topple Modi
Vietnam May Be Added to Expanded US List on Currency Manipulation
Russians, Opposition Figures Sentenced Over Role in 2016 Montenegro Coup Attempt
Four Arrested Under Terrorism Laws After Killing of Journalist in Northern Ireland
Trump's Latin American Allies Want Change in Venezuela, but Not US Intervention
Venezuelan Lawmakers Seek Refuge in Embassies After Crackdown on Guaido Allies
US Activists at DC Venezuelan Embassy Complain of Blackout
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