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Updated June 14, 2019 - 8:43 PM EDT
Two Oil Tankers Attacked in Gulf of Oman
Tanker Owner Contradicts US Over Attack
  Why Would Iran Attack Two Tankers Near the Strait of Hormuz?
  Pompeo Blames Iran for Tanker Attack Without Evidence
  Japanese PM Abe: Iran Has No Intention to Make Nuclear Weapons
US Senate Upholds Arms Sales to Bahrain, Qatar
  SecDef: US Arms Saudis to Prevent Russia, China From Arming Them
  Sen. Rand Paul Warns US Arming Its Enemies: 'They Don't Like Us'
Putin: US-Russia Ties 'Getting Worse by the Hour'
House Panel OKs NDAA, Drops Low-Yield Nukes
US Strike Wipes Out Afghan Security Forces Unit
UK Home Secretary Signs US Extradition Order for Assange
item Why Would Iran Attack Tankers Near the Strait of Hormuz?  by Shawn Snow
item GI Suicide: Maybe It's the Job?  by Lawrence Wilkerson
item Russia Sees Through Trump's Iran Bluster, but Has Mideast Problems of Its Own  by Reese Erlich
item Russiagate Is No Watergate  by Patrick J. Buchanan
item DoJ Bloodhounds on the Scent of John Brennan  by Ray McGovern
item A Palestinian Response to Jared Kushner's Racist Remarks  by Haidar Eid

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Canada Rejects Idea of Halting Extradition of Top Huawei Executive to US
Senate Vote on Blocking Arms Sales to Qatar
Senate Vote on Blocking Arms Sales to Bahrain
Bombs Made by Chicago Company Killed Gaza Civilians
The War at Home
Low-Yield Nukes Lose Partisan Fight in House Committee's NDAA Markup
Facial Recognition Data Collected by US Customs Agency Hacked
'Space Corps' Gets OK in House Committee's NDAA Markup
Team of American Hackers and Emirati Spies Discussed Attacking The Intercept
US Air Force Flight Tests Hypersonic Missile on B-52 Bomber
Jury Finds Second Benghazi Militant Guilty in 2012 Attack
Citing Demand, US Special Operations Orders 7 Additional Mh-47g Chinooks From Boeing
Senate Confirms Ex-Air Force General Stilwell as Top Diplomat for East Asia
Libya Parliament Chief Allied to Haftar Rules Out Talks Before Tripoli Captured
Haftar's Forces 'Shoot Down Helicopter, Killing Pilot' in Western Libya
Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt Call for a Ceasefire in Libya
Dozens of Sudanese Officers 'Arrested for Refusing to Use Violence Against Protesters'
Sudan Military Admits Dispersing Sit-In, Says 'Mistakes Happened'
Sudanese Officers Detained in Connection With Dispersal of Sit-In: Military Council
Sudan's Military Rulers Say They Thwarted Several Coup Attempts
UN Seeks to Verify Reports of Gang-Rape by Sudan Militias
Sudan Military Rulers Say They Rejected Proposal From Ethiopian PM to Hold Negotiations in Addis Ababa
Sudan's Military Rulers Meet US Diplomats, Bashir Charged With Corruption
Sudan: UN Says It Confirmed 17 Deaths in Darfur Region Violence
Violence Flares in Eastern Sudan With Country Embroiled in a Security Vacuum
DR Congo
Fighting Kills at Least 50 in Eastern DR Congo
UN Experts: More Armed Groups in DR Congo Willing to Surrender
Islamist Insurgents Overrun Nigerian Army Base in Northeast
Egypt Officials Say Roadside Bomb Wounds 6 Police in Sinai
China/Taiwan/Hong Kong
UN Rights Boss Welcome in China, Including Xinjiang, Envoy Says
Hong Kong Protesters Scuffle With Police, Government Offices Shut
Hong Kong Police Use Tougher Tactics Against Protesters
US Senators Propose Law Requiring Annual Certification of Hong Kong Autonomy
Hong Kong Police Arrest 11 During Protests Against Extradition Bill
Hong Kong Protesters Wary of Chinese Surveillance Technology
Taiwan Complains About Spain's Extraditions to China
Suicide Bomber Kills 11 in Afghanistan
Top US General Says ISIS Still 'Worrisome' in Afghanistan, but Unlikely to Mount US Attacks
Afghan Pilots Go AWOL in Fort Worth During Training
ISIS Claims Responsibility for Tajikistani Prison Riot
Nearly 1,000 Kazakhs Detained Over Protests
No Survivors in Indian Military Plane Crash
US Says Expedia Pays $325,000 Over Cuban Travel Allegations
Russia, Other Key Powers Discuss Venezuelan Crisis in Sweden
Thousands in Haiti Renew Protests, Clash With Police
Greenwald Defiant After 'Grotesque' Threats Over Brazil's Car Wash Leaks
Tanker Attacks
Iran's UN Mission Rejects 'Unfounded' US Claim Over Gulf of Oman Tanker Attacks
US Has 'No Interest' in New Conflict in Middle East: US Military
Tanker Sinks After Attack in Gulf, 44 Crew Picked Up by Iran
Kremlin Says No One Knows What Is Behind Attack on Tankers
Russians Rescued After Gulf of Oman Tanker Incident Have No Injuries
Russia Says Don't Use Tanker Attacks to Pressure Iran
The World Can't Afford New Gulf War, Warns UN Chief
Qatar Calls for International Probe Into Tanker Attacks in Gulf of Oman
Trump Says Neither Iran nor US Ready to Make a Deal
As Iran Nuclear Deal Flounders, France Turns to Saudis for Oil
Twitter Deletes Thousands of Accounts Tied to Iran, Seeks to End False Info Campaigns
Yemen/Saudi Arabia
Saudi-Led Coalition Hits Houthi Military Targets in Yemen
Shrapnel, Fire in Saudi Airport Passenger Hall After Missile Strike
Saudi Arabia Says It Has Stepped Up Readiness Level, Committed to Supply Oil Markets
Unhappy at Twitter, Thousands of Saudis Crash Pro-Trump Social Network
Iraq Daily Roundup: Crop Fires Leave More Casualties; Eight Killed Across Iraq
Iraqi Shi'ite Groups Deepen Control in Strategic Sunni Areas
France Denies Iraq Has Yet Asked for Money to Try Jihadist Fighters
Turkey Says Syrian Government Forces Attacked Its Observation Point
Turkey, Russia Dispute Facts After Attack on Turkish Outpost in Syria
Syria Kurds Hand Over 6 Belgian Orphans From ISIS Families: Official
Israel Strikes Hamas in Gaza, Calling Attack Response to Rocket Fire
Arab League: Israel-Palestinian Peace Must Have 2 States
Israel Settlement Goods Should Be Labelled, EU Court Advised
Israeli Court Upholds Orthodox Church Land Sales to Settlers
White House Admits Palestinian Economic Growth Depends on Peace Deal
Middle East
Turkey Rejects US Ultimatums, Says It Will Not Back Down on Russian S-400s
Jordan Stops Cooperation With US Deportations of Palestinians
Putin Fires Police Generals Over Discredited Case Against Journalist
Kremlin Says Russia to Ensure New US Polish Deployment Is Not a Threat
Russia Says Concerned About US Deployment of Spy Drones in Poland
Germany Records Significant Drop in Weapons Exports in 2018
Trump's Troop Talk Again Rattles Germany's Security Assumptions
German State to Shut Facebook Page Over Data Privacy Worries
Catalan Fugitives Must Get European Credentials in Spain
Abducted Mexican Journalist Freed
Two Prominent Migrant Rights Defenders Freed in Mexico
Australia/New Zealand
Man Accused in New Zealand Mosque Killings Pleads Not Guilty
Australia to Step Up Challenge to China in Pacific With New Investment
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