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Updated February 27, 2024 - 9:58 PM EST
CIA Built 12 Spy Bases in Ukraine for Past Decade
  Ukraine Military Intel Chief Says Navalny Died of a Blood Clot
  Slovakia: Some NATO Members May Send Troops to Ukraine
Israel Officials Downplay Prospect of Hostage Deal
  US Airman Sets Himself on Fire to Protest Gaza Genocide
Date Wrapped in Gauze: What Children Eat in Gaza
  Gaza City Resident Warns of Mass Starvation
Civilian Reported Killed in US-British Bombing of Yemen
  Two Killed as Israel Attacks Lebanon's Baalbek Area for First Time
Hungary's Parliament Ratifies Sweden's NATO Membership
item After Two Years, Neocons Are Desperate for More War in Ukraine  by Ron Paul
item The US Shouldn't Give Israel or Ukraine Any More Money  by Christian Britschgi
item 'Emergent' AI Behavior and Human Destiny  by Michael Klare
item What Really Happened on October 7?  by William Van Wagenen

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Why Israel's Police Are Ramping Up Violence Against the Families of Hostages

US Lacks Long-Term Sustainment Plans for Ukraine Hardware
Gaza Children Searching for Food To Keep Families Alive
Ukraine Floats Possibility of Inviting Russia to Peace Summit
Polish, Canadian Leaders Discuss Boosting Ukrainian Food Exports to Hungry Countries Outside Europe
Ukraine Demands Poland Punish Protesting Farmers for Dumping Grain
Putting Western Troops on the Ground in Ukraine Is Not 'Ruled Out' in the Future, French Leader Says
Ukrainian Troops Pull Back Again as Russia's Onslaught Pushes Ahead in Eastern Ukraine
Two Years In, Left and Right United in Opposing More US Aid for Ukraine
No Navalny Prisoner Swap Was Offered to Russia, Western Officials Say
Russia Says Idea of Ukraine Peace Talks Without Moscow Is Absurd
Three Civilians Killed in Ukrainian Drone Strike on Russia's Belgorod Region: Governor
Russian Bank Boss Kostin Rejects US Charge of Sanctions Violations
Treasury Says US Warning to Banks Slows Russia Financial Flows
Protesting Farmers Spray Brussels Police With Liquid Manure Near EU's Base in a New Display of Power
EU Poised To Seize Russian Profits, Greek Envoy Says
Farmers Protest Across Europe, Press Ministers to Act
Photos: Farmers Clash With Police Near the European Union Headquarters
'Lawfare' on Israel's War on Gaza Reaches Germany. Will the Case Succeed?
Timeline of Sweden's Bid To Join NATO
UK Prime Minister Says West 'Must Be Bolder' in Seizing Frozen Russian Assets
Taliban Hold Another Public Execution as Thousands Watch at a Stadium
UNSC Discussing Proposed UN Envoy for Afghanistan
Ex-PM Nawaz's Daughter Is Pakistan's First Female Provincial Chief Minister of Punjab Province
Tuvalu's New Prime Minister Is Named After Elections That Ousted Taiwan Supporter

US Coast Guard Boards Chinese Fishing Boats Near Kiribati, Official Says

Satellite Images Reveal Floating Barrier at Mouth of Disputed Atoll in South China Sea
Hamas to Halal: How Anti-Muslim Hate Speech Is Spreading in India
US Navy To Unify Oversight of Base Water Systems in Wake of Red Hill Contamination
Israel Kills Policemen Accompanying Gaza Aid Convoys
NYT Investigating Freelancer Who Said Gaza Should Be Turned Into 'Slaughterhouse'
Clean Water Scarce Amid Unsustainable Sanitary Conditions in Gaza: UNRWA
Jordan Air-Drops Aid Into Gaza With Help of French Plane
Has Israel Complied With ICJ Order in Gaza Genocide Case?
Renowned Palestinian Artist Fathi Ghaben Dies After Being Denied Exit To Seek Treatment
Israel Committed To Eradicating Hamas Regardless of Economic Toll, Minister Says
Majority of Countries Argue Israel Violated International Law in Last Historic Hearing at UN Court
Israeli Journalist Criticizes West Bank 'Apartheid' at Berlin Film Festival Ceremony Marked by Gaza War Protests
British Media Giving 'Cover' for Israel To Kill Palestinian Journalists
Palestinian PM Shtayyeh Resigns To 'Allow for a Palestinian Consensus'
Parents of Surveillance Soldiers Protest IDF Decision to Reposition Them Nearer to Lebanon Border
A West Bank Settlement,
Re-Established, Symbolizes Hardened Israeli Views
The Settlers, Israel's Other 'Army' in the War Against Hamas
Senegal Leader Announces Amnesty To End Poll-Linked Turmoil
Senegal's President Says the Postponed Election Will Be Held Before the Rainy Season Begins
US Names New Special Envoy to Sudan in Push to End War
An Official in Burundi Says Rebels Kill Nine People and Accuses Rwanda of Backing the Group
Dozens Dead After Mosque Attack in Southern Burkina Faso
Two Shot Dead as Guinea Capital Crippled by General Strike
Thousands of Brazilians Rally in Support of Bolsonaro Amid Coup Probe
Brazil's President Accuses Israel of Committing Genocide in Gaza, Doubling Down After Earlier Uproar
Seven People in the Cayman Islands Are Seriously Injured in Gunfire at a Soccer Game, Police Say
Benin Offers 2,000 Troops to Haiti Force, US Ambassador Says
Latin America
Colombia, ELN Rebels Hold Meeting After Troubles at Peace Talks
Mexico's President Defends Decision To Share US Journalist's Private Phone Number
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Putin’s ‘Winter War’ on Ukraine

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‘I Know You Are But What Am I’: Russia’s Ready Response to US Africa-Alarmism

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The FBI vs.

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