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Updated March 1, 2024 - 8:55 PM EST
US Vetoes UN Condemnation of Israel for Massacre
  Biden Taking 'Extraordinary Steps' To Prevent Protests at Events
Netanyahu Breaks Off Hostage Talks With Hamas
  Austin: Israel Has Killed Over 25,000 Women and Children in Gaza
  20,000 Worshippers Prayed in Al-Aqsa Defying Israeli Restrictions
  Israel Announces New West Bank Settlement Expansion
US Expects Israel to Invade Lebanon
  Israel Attack on Syrian Port Kills Three, Including Iranian Adviser
  The Story Behind the New York Times October 7 Expose
  'Jane Doe' Who Immolated Herself at Israeli Consulate Is Still Alive
  Palestinian Boy Rescued After 9 Days Under Gaza Rubble
Putin: Russia's Nuclear Arsenal on 'Full Combat Alert'
  Macron Doubles Down on NATO Sending Troops to Ukraine
Russia Claims First Abrams Tank Kill in Ukraine
  Finland Says Ukraine Is Free to Bomb Russia With Our Weapons
Kenya and Haiti Agree to Deploy Force to Caribbean Nation
George Galloway Wins Byelection, Saying 'This Is for Gaza'
item How the West Provoked an Unprovoked War in Ukraine  by Ted Snider
item Iran's Jewish Population Belies Claims of Tehran's Genocidal Intent  by Brian McGlinchey
item Biden's Yemen Policy Isn't Working  by Trenton Hale
item Israel's Far Right Finally Gets the War It Has Always Wanted  by James Bamford

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The Story Behind New York Times October 7 Expose
by Jeremy Scahill, Ryan Grim, & Daniel Boguslaw
In Israeli-Occupied Hebron, Palestinians Describe Living in 'A Prison'
Sudan's Forgotten Masses Are Dying Every Day of Starvation
'Heinous': Deadly Israeli Attack on Gaza Aid-Seekers Condemned
Ukraine's Zelensky Appoints New Military Logistics Chief
Residents of Ukraine's Orikhiv Try To Survive in the Ruins
US Adults Fracture Along Party Lines in Support for Ukraine Military Funding, AP-NORC Poll Finds
Ukraine Says It Identified 511 War Crime Suspects, Convicted 81
Russian Troops Inch Ahead as War in Ukraine Barrels Into Third Year
Leaked Russian Military Files Reveal Criteria for Nuclear Strike
United Kingdom
Suspended Labour Politician Labels Party Chief Starmer 'Utterly Shameful' on Gaza
Sunak Says the UK Is Descending Into Mob Rule. Critics Accuse Him of Undermining Protest Rights
Poland to Launch Military Satellites in 2025, Deputy Defense Minister Says
Poland Signs $2.5 Billion Deal for US Air-Defense Software Hub
Germany Buys Rheinmetall's Skyranger to Reinstate Mobile Air Defenses
Why Has the EU Sanctioned Indian, Chinese Companies for Russia Links?
Spain Opens Terrorism Probe Into Former Catalonia President Puigdemont Over Protests
Pakistan Swears in New Parliament Amid Chaotic Scenes, as Imran Khan's Party Protests Vote Count
China Rolls Over $2 Billion Loan to Pakistan, Finance Minister Says
Indian Committee OKs $4 Billion Buy of BrahMos Missiles, More Tech
India Begins Replacing Military Personnel With Civilians in Response to Maldives' Demand
Taliban Makes Surprise $35 Million Investment in Iranian Port
South Korean and US Troops Will Begin Major Exercises Next Week
Philippine President Tells Australia Their Strategic Partnership Is More Important Than Ever
New Tuvalu PM Says Focused on Development, Not Taiwan Ties
US Commerce Secretary Would 'Consider' Banning Chinese Companies if Congress OK'd Authorities
The War at Home
Aaron Bushnell Death Sees Wave of US Pro-Palestine Support
US Lawmakers Slam Pentagon Chief Over Secrecy on Health
School Visit by Israelis to Discuss Hamas Attack Divides North Jersey Town
Huge Boost to Army's Air Defenses Planned in New Force Structure
Biden Admin to Seek Surveillance Court Blessing to Renew Section 702 Program Through Next Year
Latin America
Colombia Pauses Buying Israeli Weapons and President Calls War in Gaza 'Genocide'
Guatemala Court Convicts Seven Soldiers for 2012 Indigenous Killings
US Judge Sentences Member of Haitian 400 Mawozo Gang to Five Years for Gun Smuggling
Criteria UN Will Use To Declare Expected 'Famine' in Gaza
Sen. Angus King Requests Hospital Ship to Aid Palestinians in Gaza
UN Refugee Agency in Gaza Can't Easily Be Replaced: Chief
National Security Minister Hails Israel Soldiers' Killing of Over 100 Civilians Waiting for Aid in Gaza
Gaza Slaughter Has Now Killed at Least 30,000 Palestinians, Most of Them Civilians
Keys to Lost Homes in Gaza Become Latest Symbols of Palestinian Displacement
Gaza Hospitals Overwhelmed After Israeli Massacre of Palestinians Awaiting Aid
Far-Right Activists Break Into Gaza, Try To Reestablish Israeli Settlement
Far Right Makes Gains in Israeli Municipal Elections
Medical Negligence – Cancer-Stricken Palestinian Detainee Dies in Israeli Detention
Former Hostage of Hamas Pleads for Husband's Release
Israel Defense Minister Says Ultra-Orthodox Should Serve
Israel Appropriates 650 Acres of West Bank Land Near Big Settlement
Two Israelis Shot Dead in Occupied West Bank Attack
Palestinian Authority Receives $114 Million From Israel, Norway Says
Who Is Mohammad Mustafa – the Man Who Could Be Next Palestinian PM?
Israeli Military Signs Order That Could Turn West Bank Outpost Into Major Urban Settlement
Palestinian Youth Shot and Killed in West Bank Raid
Two Settlers Killed in West Bank – Smotrich Demands 'Zionist Answer'
Knesset Extends Temporary Measure Upping Age Limit for End of IDF Reserve Service
Palestinian-American Woman Who Faces Trial in Israeli Military Court Is Released on Bail
Israeli Airstrikes Hit Lebanon
Photos: Israel Strikes Lebanon's South, Raising Risks of Escalation
Iraq Monthly Roundup:
68 Killed in February
Iraqi Government Revokes Kurdish-Iranian Opposition Leader's Passport
Middle East

Turkey Receives US Draft Letters Approving F-16 Jets Deal: Official

Iran Launches 'Domestically Developed' Imaging Satellite From Russian Facility

Chadian Opposition Leader Dies in Gun Exchange, State Prosecutor Says
Why Is Chad Boiling Over Ahead of Long-Awaited Elections – and What's Next?
DR Congo Opposition Spokesman's Death Ruled a Suicide
Suspected Jihadists Kill Several Soldiers in Mali
Displaced Mozambicans Recall Terror of New Jihadist Attacks

Australian Spy Chief Under Pressure To Name Ex-Politician Who 'Sold Out'

'No Role' for China in Pacific Policing, Australian Minister Says
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Throwing Good Money After Bad in Ukraine?

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Biden’s Calls for Israel to Mind the Laws Appear Feeble, and Ignored

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Biden Makes Americans Targets in the Middle East, Then Campaigns on Their Deaths

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Without the State, Who’d Drag Us Into Other People’s Wars?

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How Much Is US Aid to Ukraine Costing You?

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Putin’s ‘Winter War’ on Ukraine

Maj. Danny Sjursen, USA (ret.)
‘I Know You Are But What Am I’: Russia’s Ready Response to US Africa-Alarmism

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The FBI vs.

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