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Updated April 2, 2024 - 9:16 PM EDT
Israeli Strike Kills US, UK, Aussie Aid Workers
  Israel Leaves Piles of Bodies at Al Shifa Hospital
Iran: Israel Will Be Punished for Bombing Consulate
  Israeli Drone Strike Kills One in South Lebanon Town of Kunin
Biden To OK $18 Billion F-15 Deal for Israel
  US Increased Intel Sharing With Israel to 'Unprecedented' Levels
  Israeli Knesset Passes Law Allowing Government to Ban Al Jazeera
Johnson Supports Giving Russian Assets to Ukraine
  Joint Chiefs Chair: Long-Range ATACMs for Ukraine No Longer Risky
Ex-Taiwan Leader Starts 'Journey of Peace' in China
item We Were Lied Into the Gaza Genocide. Al Jazeera Has Shown Us How  by Jonathan Cook
item Is It a Mystery? Where Trump Stands on Israel-Gaza War  by James Carden & Kelley Beaucar Vlahos
item Ukraine's Economy Will, Ultimately, Lose It the War  by Ian Proud
item Saving Julian Assange, Free Speech, and Democracy  by James Bovard

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Chinese Navy Drills a 'Timely and Forceful Response' to Philippines' Tilt to US
GPS Jamming Spreads in Lebanon, Civil Aviation Caught in Crossfire
As Those Fleeing Al-Shifa Get to South Gaza, They Recount Israeli Torture
Russia Strongly Condemns Israeli Attack on Iranian Consulate in Syria
US Risks Being Suspected of Involvement in Crocus City Hall Terror Attack: Russian Intelligence
FSB Raids Terrorist Cell in Dagestan That Funded, Armed Crocus City Hall Attackers
Russia Outgunning Ukraine 6-To-1: Kyiv Commander-In-Chief
US Drones Violate Intl Law: Taliban Spokesperson
Taliban Says Expanding Intl Relations Top Priority
Top Indian Opposition Leader Moved to Jail
North Korea Fires Ballistic Missile: South Korean Military
Pakistan Court Suspends Imran Khan's Prison Sentence in State Gifts Case
Are Sudan's Civil Society Activists Being Targeted by Both Warring Sides?
Photos: Hunger Stalks War-Ravaged Sudan as Aid Is Blocked and Looted
Ethiopia to Repatriate 70,000 Nationals From Saudi Arabia
Rockets Strike Home of PM's Nephew in Libya Capital Tripoli
Mali Political Parties Request Elections After Junta Shuns Transition Promise
The War at Home
Charlottesville Passes Gaza Ceasefire Resolution
Remains of WWII Sailor, Soldier Identified, Will Receive US Burials
Lou Conter, Last Survivor of USS Arizona From Pearl Harbor Attack, Dies
Johnson Sounds Out Key Republicans With Speakership and Ukraine Aid on Line
US Air Force's Sentinel ICBM Program Hit by Two-Year Delay
Man Sold Pentagon $3.5 Million in Counterfeit Parts for Subs, Lasers
Latin America
Argentina and Colombia to Mend Ties Following Milei 'Terrorist' Comments
Gunbattle Between Haitian Police and Gangs Paralyzes Area Near National Palace
Middle East
New US, UK Aggression Targets Yemen's Hodeidah
Saudi Arabia Condemns Targeting of Iranian Consulate in Syria
The Palestinian Doctors Found Dead in the Ruins of Al-Shifa Hospital
New Palestinian Government Sworn In, Gets Wary Greeting
Photos: Tens of Thousands of Israelis Rally Against PM Netanyahu in Jerusalem
Palestinians Want April Vote for Full UN Membership
Photos: Israel's Destruction of Gaza's Al-Shifa Hospital
Hundreds of Ultra-Orthodox Block Highway in Protest Against IDF Conscription
Israel Proposes Dismantling UNRWA, Replacing With New Body
Palestinian Prisoners Living 'Never-Ending Nightmare' in Israeli Detention This Ramadan
Netanyahu Approves Rafah Attack Plans Despite International Warnings
'We Jews Are Just Arrested; Palestinians Are Beaten': Protesters in Germany
US Doubles Down on Its Defense of Arming Israel Despite Gaza Atrocities
France Seeks UN Security Council Resolution for Gaza Truce Monitoring
Israel 'Agreed' to Take US Rafah Concerns Into Consideration: White House
In Washington, DC: Celebrating Ramadan, Protesting Israel's Siege of Gaza
Iran, Syria Condemn Israeli Aggression on Consulate, Assassination
The Damascus Strikes Were the Fifth in a Week to Hit Syria
Iraq Monthly Roundup: 58 Killed
US Army's Menacing Laser Weapon Has Finally Been Beamed to an Iraqi Battlefield
Iraq Launched Drone That Struck Eilat Naval Base, IDF Confirms
United Arab Emirates
UAE Condemns Airstrike Targeting Iranian Diplomatic Mission in Syria
George Washington University and Program Director Sued Over UAE 'Smear Campaign'
Who Is Istanbul Mayor Imamoglu Who Won Big in Turkey Local Elections?
Erdogan Suffers Historic Loss in Turkey Municipal Elections
Erdogan Vows to Make Amends After Humbling Election Loss in Turkey
'This Is Only the Beginning': Turkish Opposition Celebrate
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