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Updated May 13, 2024 - 9:31 PM EDT
US: Israel Likely Breaking Law With US Arms
  Rep. Mills Files Articles of Impeachment Against Biden for Israel
  Study: Nearly All Gaza Campus Protests in US Have Been Peaceful
About 300,000 Palestinians Have Fled Rafah
  UN General Assembly Votes in Favor of Palestinian Membership
  UAE Rules Out Role in Administration of Gaza After Conflict
Israeli Whistleblowers Detail Abuse of Detained Palestinians
  Settlers' Rampage on West Bank Village Leaves 'Trail of Wreckage'
Russia Makes Gains in Northeast Ukraine
  Ukrainian Shelling Kills 11 Civilians in Russia's Belgorod Oblast
  Putin Removes Defense Minister Shoigu
10 Killed in Central Yemen Clashes
US Orders Troops To Leave Niger
item We Already Have an 'Antisemitism Awareness Act.' It's Called the First Amendment.  by Thomas Knapp
item Biden Offers to Turn US Military Personnel Into Saudi Royal Bodyguards  by Doug Bandow
item Acknowledging the Horrors of Gaza – Without Wanting to End Them  by Gregory Shupak
item Biden Said Putin Killed Navalny; He Didn't  by Ted Snider

More Viewpoints

Top FBI Official Urges Agents To Use Warrantless Wiretaps on US Soil
South Africa Asks World Court To Order Israeli Withdrawal From Rafah
Hamas Says a Captive Has Died of Wounds Sustained in Israeli Air Strike
Putin Reappoints Mishustin as Russia's Prime Minister
Ukraine-Launched Drone Sparks Fire at Russia's Volgograd Refinery, Regional Governor Says
General Dynamics, Elbit To Deliver Unmanned Mortar Systems for European User
HRW Calls on Germany To Explain Europe Travel Ban on British-Palestinian Surgeon
North Macedonia's New President Reignites a Spat With Greece That Threatens EU Membership
Catalan Separatists Lose Majority as Spain's Pro-Union Socialists Win Regional Elections
Thousands March in Sweden's Malmo Against Israel's Eurovision Participation
UK Foreign Secretary Cameron Says 'Not Wise' To Ban Arms Sales to Israel
Poland Will Build Fortifications on Eastern Border, PM Tusk Says
Armenian Police Arrest 41 at Protest Against Border Concessions Towards Azerbaijan
US Fund for Countries Facing Beijing 'Coercion' on Taiwan Proposed in Congress
Chinese Troops Travel by Rail to Mongolia for First Joint Army Drill, in Sign of Growing Strategic Ties
Japan, Germany in Talks for First Joint Land Force Exercise
Japan Defense Chief Urges Higher Security After Drone Video of Warship Posted on China Social Media
Philippine Admiral Goes on Leave After Chinese Claims of a Secret Deal

South China Sea: Philippines Sends Ships To Disputed Atoll Where Beijing Building 'Artificial Island'

Taiwan Air Force Holds Live-Fire Training Exercises Using Missiles, Bombs
North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un Oversees Test of New Multiple Rocket Launcher
Sudanese Army Bombs Republican Palace in Khartoum
Renewed Clashes in Sudan's El Fasher Leave 27 Civilians Dead, 130 Injured
Sudan's Military Fends Off an Attack by Paramilitary Forces on a Major Darfur City
Death, Disease and Despair as Fighting Closes in on Besieged Sudanese City
Gunmen Kidnap More Than 100 in Attack on Villages in Northwest Nigeria
Nigerian Military Receives 20 Armored Personnel Carriers
Kidnapped Nigerian University Students Rescued
Central African Republic

Rebels Kill at Least Four People During an Attack on a Central African Republic Mining Town

Some Central African Republic Displaced Receiving Assistance To Move Out of Camps
Mali Talks Propose Junta Rule for Three More Years
Niger Says Benin's Blockade of Its Oil Exports Violates Trade Agreements
Suspected Pirate Attack in the Gulf of Aden Raises Concerns About Growing Somali Piracy
Masked Tunisian Police Arrest Prominent Lawyer and Two Journalists
The Americas
Fourth Indian Arrested and Charged in Canada Over Sikh Activist's Killing
Colombia Paramilitary Leader Salvatore Mancuso Released by Bogota Court
Guyana Says It Gave Permission for the US Military To Fly Two Powerful Jets Over the Capital
Over 520 Bodies Found in Seven Mass Graves: Gaza Health Ministry
New Field Hospital Established in Gaza, Israeli Military Says
A Nurse on the Scene Inside Rafah's Last Maternity Hospital
'It's Not Human': What a French Doctor Saw in Gaza as Israel Invaded Rafah
UN Officials Warn That Aid Efforts Face Imminent Threat From Lack of Fuel and Food
Egypt To Support South Africa's ICJ Case Against Israel as More Flee in Gaza
Donors Pledge Over $2 Billion for Gaza at Kuwait Conference

Gaza Resistance Costs Israel Heavy Casualties on Three Fronts

UN Chief Urges 'Immediate Ceasefire' in Gaza as 35,000 Palestinians Killed

Photos: Thousands Flee Rafah After Israeli Forces Issue Evacuation Order

Where Is Rafah – and Why Does It Matter?

Israel Intensifies Attacks on Northern Gaza's Jabalia Camp

Pro-Palestine Protests
UK: Cambridge University Academics and Staff Endorse Gaza Student Protest
Mandela's Grandson Rebukes UK Labour Party's Lammy for Gaza Protest Criticism
Cambridge's Wealthiest College To Divest From All Arms Companies
1,000 Protest in Auckland Over Israel's War on Gaza, Honor Nakba Victims
Police Arrest More Than
30 Pro-Palestinian Protesters, Disband Encampment at University of Pennsylvania
Seinfeld Speech at Duke Commencement Prompts Walkout Protesting His Support for Israel
Pro-Israel Website Ramps Up Attacks on Pro-Palestinian Student Protesters
Thousands of Pro-Palestinian Protesters Rally in Madrid
Israeli Settlers Attacked This West Bank Village in a Spasm of Violence After a Boy's Death
Palestinians Banned From Remembering Nakba at Tel Aviv University
Biden's Threat To Withhold Arms to Israel Masks Divisions Over the Fate of Hamas
Democratic Senator Calls US Report on Israel War Conduct 'Woefully Inadequate'
Spain and Ireland To Recognize Palestinian State on May 21
Thousands of Israelis Take to Streets, Demanding Hostage Deal
Biden's Weapons Sales to Israel Breach Legal Limits, Former Officials Say
EU's Top Diplomat Says Israel Will Only Stop Dropping Bombs
'If They Don't Have Any'
Palestinian Public Sector Salaries Squeezed as Israel Withholds Tax Revenue
Australia Says Palestinian UN Membership Bid Builds Peace Momentum
British-Palestinians Struggle To Help Families Trapped in Limbo After Fleeing Gaza
Palestinian House Set on a Fire in Israeli Settler Attack

Powerful Iraqi Shi'ite Cleric Sadr Girds for Political Comeback

Iraq Requests End of UN Assistance Mission by End of 2025
Middle East
Kuwait Forms New Government Headed by Ahmad Abdullah
Navy IDs Sailor Who Died During Middle East Deployment
Turkey Says It Killed 17 Kurdish Militants in Northern Iraq, Syria
Jordanian Authorities Shut Down Muslim Brotherhood-Linked TV Station
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Putin’s ‘Winter War’ on Ukraine

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‘I Know You Are But What Am I’: Russia’s Ready Response to US Africa-Alarmism

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