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Updated May 21, 2024 - 8:46 PM EDT
GOP Bill Would Give Benefits to Americans in IDF
Israel Tells US It Will Escalate in Rafah
  US Gives Israel Proposal for Gaza Plan
ICC Seeks Warrants for Israeli and Hamas Leaders
  US Focused on Hunting Down Hamas Chief Yahya Sinwar
Zelensky Remains in Power After Term Expires
  Ukraine Wants To Use US Missiles on Russian Territory
  Ukraine's Latest Conscription Law Stretches Workforce
Israeli Strikes in Syria Kill at Least Six
  Israeli Strikes Kill at Least Five in Southern Lebanon

Republican Iran Hawks Celebrate Raisi's Death

Assange Wins Right To Appeal on 1st Amendment
US To Withdraw From Niger by September 15
Taiwan's New Leader William Lai Takes the Helm
item Free Speech for Me, Not for Thee  by Andrew P. Napolitano
item On Campus Gaza Protests, Media Let Police Tell the Story – Even When They're Wrong  by Neil deMause
item The Vietnamization of Ukraine  by Ron Paul
item The Heroism of David McBride  by John Kiriakou

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New York Lawmakers Relaunch Bill To Stop Charities Funding Israeli Settlers

US Army Could Soon Have New Branch Dedicated Solely to Drones

Blinken Orders Crackdown on Gaza-Related Leaks
Russia Has Advanced 10km Towards Kharkiv, Ukraine Says
Putin Appoints Another Economist as Deputy Russian DM
Russia Claims Full Control of Bilohorivka, Ukraine Says It Holds Troops Back
Russia Creates Sanitary Zone to Protect Its Cities From Ukrainian Shelling: Kremlin
Ukraine Controls 60% of Kharkiv Border Town After Russian Raids, Kyiv Says
The Five Fronts Ukraine Is Defending With Troops and Weapons Pushed to the Limit
Lithuania To Send Ukraine Radars Capable of Tracking Cruise Missiles
Pentagon Vows To Keep Weapons Moving to Ukraine as Kyiv Faces a Renewed Assault by Russia
Palestinians Slam London Event Fundraising for Israeli Soldiers
Kosovo Shuts Six Serb Bank Branches Over Use of the Dinar Currency in a Move That Could Raise Tensions
Who Bombed Dublin? The 50-Year Cover Up Must End
Attack on Tourists Rocks Fledgling Afghanistan Tourism Sector
China Sanctions US Firms Over Arms Sales to Taiwan
Japan's Ukraine Aid Creates New Rift With Russia
With Back-To-Back Deals in Peru, South Korea Defense Industry Expands South American Foothold
Philippines Receives Two T129 ATAK Helicopters From Turkey
Thailand Reverses Decision on Canceled Chinese Submarine Procurement
New Caldedonia

New Caledonia Separatists Defy French Efforts To Unblock Roads

Kiwis Trapped in Noumea: Air New Zealand Won't Fly From New Caledonia for Days
RSF Execution of Popular Former Military Officer Sparks Outrage and Condemnation in Sudan
RSF Shelling Kills Civilians in Omdurman, Oil Refinery Bombed
North Darfur Death Toll Reaches 345, Over 2,600 Injured
Militia Clashes Rock Western Libyan Town. at Least One Civilian Was Killed
E. Libya Govt Offers Refinery Project to Russian Company
The War at Home

GAO: US Air Force's F-35 Program Faces Further Unforeseen Delays

US Navy Fat Leonard Bribery Cases Fall Apart Because of Prosecution Blunders
US Supreme Court Spurns Former Guantanamo Detainee's Appeal
Pro-Palestinian Protesters at Drexel University in Philadelphia Ignore Call To Disband, Classes Held Remotely
Ex-Deputy Mossad Chief: We Lost the War in Gaza, Achieved Nothing
The Chilling Testimony of a US Neurosurgeon Who Went to Gaza To Save Lives
Threat From Israeli Operations Preventing Rafah Crossing Aid Deliveries, Says Egypt
Biden: What's Happening in Gaza 'is Not Genocide'
South Africa Welcomes ICC Prosecutor Seeking Warrants for Israel, Hamas Leaders
US Lawmakers Slam ICC Prosecutor's Israel Arrest Warrant Requests
What Do War Crimes Warrants for Hamas and Israeli Leaders Actually Mean?
Israel Says 'It Wasn't Us' After Raisi Iran Chopper Crash
Donald Trump Foreign Policy Advisers Met Israeli PM Netanyahu, Source Says
Mike Johnson Threatens ICC With Sanctions Vote Over Netanyahu Arrest Warrant Application
Joe Biden's Israel Approval Gets Lowest Mark Yet in New Poll
Protesters Arrested in Clashes With Police Ahead of Anti-Government Rally at Knesset
Israeli Anti-Government Protesters Demand Early Elections, Hostage Release in 'Day of Disruption'
What Is the International Criminal Court?
Helicopter Crash Kills Raisi: Are Sanctions Behind Iran's Aviation Crisis?
Hossein Amirabdollahian, Iranian Foreign Minister, Dies in Crash Aged 60

Iran Government Says Will Operate 'Without Disruption' After Raisi Death

Ebrahim Raisi: How the World Reacted to Death of Iran's President
US Not Apologizing for Imposing Aircraft Sanctions on Iran
Who Is Mohammad Mokhber, Iran's Interim President?
Middle East
Iraq Weekly Roundup: 23 Killed
Ireland Concerned for Justice in Peacekeeper's Death in Lebanon
DR Congo
Six Killed in a 'Foiled Coup' in DR Congo, the Army Says
Who Was Behind the DR Congo's Attempted Coup, and Were Americans Involved?
Three US Citizens Accused of Being CIA Agents Arrested in DR Congo
Mayor, Two Others Killed in Cameroon Amid National Day Celebrations

Morocco Protesters Back to the Streets Demanding Overthrow of Normalization With Israel

Kenyan President 3-Day State Visit to the US: What's at Stake?
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Putin’s ‘Winter War’ on Ukraine

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‘I Know You Are But What Am I’: Russia’s Ready Response to US Africa-Alarmism

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The FBI vs.

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