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Updated June 6, 2024 - 9:03 PM EDT
Hamas Reiterates Call for Permanent Ceasefire
  Israel Bombs Crowded UNRWA Central Gaza School, Kills Scores
  State Dept Touts Collective Punishment as Leverage With Hamas
  Israel Secretly Targets US Lawmakers With Influence Campaign
Netanyahu: Israel Ready for 'Intense' Lebanon War
  IRGC Vows Revenge for Israel Killing Iran Military Advisor in Syria
  Lebanon: Israel's White Phosphorous Use Risks Civilian Harm
  Syrian Attacked US Embassy in Beirut 'in Support of Gaza'
Israel Ministers Call for Escalation at Provocative Flag March
  Far-Right Israelis Attack Journalists and Palestinians at 'Flag March'
Senator Confirms Strike on Russia With US Weapons
  US: Dual Citizens Will Be Stuck in Ukraine Under Mobilization Law
  Zelensky: Trump Would Be 'Loser President' if He Imposes Peace Deal
Saudis Still Slaughtering Migrants at the Yemeni Border
item The Military-Industrial Complex Is Killing Us All  by David Vine & Theresa Arriola
item The Future of UNRWA and Hamas in Gaza  by Rick Sterling
item Our Spy and Intel Agencies Are Out of Control  by Michael Shellenberger
item Rescind Netanyahu's Invitation!  by Joseph Solis-Mullen

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Stanford Students Arrested in Pro-Palestinian Protest That Took Over President's Office
NORAD Checks Hobbyist Balloon Websites in Wake of Shoot Downs
Slovakia's Fico Says Was Targeted for Ukraine Views
Putin Says US Is Trying Hard To Secure Release of Detained WSJ Reporter Evan Gershkovich
Russia's Oil Revenue Surged 50% in May
Ukraine Tortured US Journalist Gonzalo Lira to Death: Putin
Kremlin Says US Is Blackmailing China by Threatening Sanctions Over Exports to Russia
United Kingdom
UK Conservative Government Would 'Defy' ICC Israel Arrest Warrants: Deputy PM
Britain Isn't Ready for Third World War, Says Outgoing Army Chief
Germany's Scholz Says 20 More Eurofighters to Be Ordered
German AFD Politician Stabbed in Second Attack Within Days
American Soldier Buried With Germans During WWII Accounted For
EU Elections: France's Muslims Hope Vote Can Help End 'Criminal Blindness' on Gaza
EU To Consider Leveraging Windfall Profits From Russian Assets After G7 Summit
Finland To Buy US JASSM-ER Missiles for F-35 Fleet
Second French MP Waves Palestinian Flag in National Assembly, Gets Sanctioned
Nagasaki Mayor Withholds Israel's Invitation to Peace Ceremony

US Congress Fights Maldives Over 'Israel' Travel Entry Ban

Myanmar's Military Government Denies Allegations by Ethnic Army Foe That It Killed 76 Villagers
The War at Home
As Space Gets More Crowded, Pentagon Looks to AI To Spot Weapons
Washington Looking To Revive More Shuttered Nuclear Plants
House Defense Bills on Collision Course Over F-35, Second Sub
House Passes Military Construction, VA Spending Bill on Party Lines
Israel Sieges Al-Moghazi and Al-Bureij Refugee Camps in Gaza
'Biggest Victims of Gaza War': Majority of 15,000 Children Killed Were Students
'March of Rage': Protesters in Tel Aviv, Elsewhere Urge Implementation of Hostage Deal
Israel To Phase Out Use of Military Detention Camp
Israeli Strikes Kill at Least 75 Palestinians in Central Gaza
'Heart-Wrenching': UN Official Decries Human Cost of Gaza War
Between 7,000-11,000 Gazans Need Urgent Medical Evacuation: WHO
Famine 'Likely' Already Stalking Northern Gaza, New Report Warns
Israel Destroyed Khan Younis Yet These Palestinians Came Back Home
Famine Is Possibly Underway in Northern Gaza Despite Recent Aid Efforts, a New Report Warns
Hundreds Killed by Israel in South Lebanon Since October 8
Israel 'Deliberately Kills' Gaza's Police Force To Spread Chaos: Official
EU Invites Israel for Talks To Discuss Gaza Offensive
Hezbollah Warns Israel Against Launching War on Lebanon
Israeli Army Pours Accelerant on Lebanon Wildfire
Middle East
Turkish Court Hands Down Lengthy Jail Term for Kurdish Mayor
UAE Leader Meets Taliban Leader Wanted by FBI in Challenge to Washington
El Fasher Conflict in Sudan: 1,280 Civilian Casualties and Hospital Closure Looms
Famine Looms in Sudan as Civil War Pushes Capital Toward Abyss
Gunmen Kill Seven Benin Soldiers in Attack
Niger To Set Up Protection Force for 'Strategic' Sites
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