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  1. So yeah, why doesn’t Bush just bring the troops home already???
    We already declared freedom in Iraq and all those other places so why is he keeping them there….STILL!?
    I don’t understand that.
    If he keeps them over there longer, they will keep dying and getting killed.
    So yeah, I just wanted to say that.

    1. Well Lucy, the Democrats have controlled Congress for a whole year so maybe the question you should ask is, “Why don’t they just vote to cut off funds for the war?” You can’t just keep blaming Bush. If you don’t believe in the war, you can’t just blame Bush. Congress has the power to act. Let’s see them try.

      1. Time for all third parties to come together and form a Coalition party. It’s the only way they’re ever going to have a chance of breaking the stranglehold the Republicrats have on our gov’t.

    2. I think it was 2 months ago that one of them wrote that all teenagers and young adults should be conscripted to serve the Reich errr I mean to “do their part in defending the country”.

  2. I was surprised when they hired kristol. It was definately a massive coup for a guy who couldn’t venture off FOX for 5 minutes without being told he has blood on his hands and so forth. After the 10 millionth hate letter they must have decided something was up. or when the articles in their magazine directly contradicted everything krauthammer and kristol said in the horrible columns, which are now mainly found in the weekly standard, a magazine that loses money every year.

    if not for rupert Murdoch these guys would literally be unemployed.

  3. I forgot that they were still in business.

    Not only are these two guys lousy writers but they are extremely ugly guys.

  4. In their book, The Israel Lobby, Walt & Mearsheimer clearly insinuate that both of these journalists effectively serve as agents of Israeli influence in the press.

    In this column Michael Scheuer, a former CIA officer and chief of the OBL unit, describes how covert political operations are conducted by Israel’s agents of influence in the US. Like Judith Miller and John Bolton, Krauthammer & Kristol are widely perceived to be outlets for Israeli influence in the MSM.

    1. Believe me Q,
      a lot of us since the 1960’s knew this very well. Though Walt & Meirsheimer are to be commanded for their courageous and assiduous work, they are by no means the first. From the fifties almost to the present, one great and courageous man tried to battle this lobby single-handedly and expose their sinuous infiltration of the press. His name was(is) Alfred Lilienthal (I don’t know if his still alive). His books included: “The Other Side Of The Coin”, “What Price Israel” and “The Zionist Connection”, among others.

      In the sixties he started a luminary newsletter “The Middle East Perspective”, that resulted in his office being bombed by the JDL. As an American army officer based in Palestine right after WWII, he witnessed the flow of disinformation emanating from the press first hand and tried to expose it. He has never gotten enough recognition for his courageous, pioneering efforts.

      1. Stanley,

        See alfredlilienthal.com.

        His website has not been updated since May of 2006, so I assume his health is failing.

        Stumbling across his “Zionist Connection” in my local library is what opened my eyes about the palestine-israel conflict.

        When I met some palestinians a few years later, they all knew who he was. Inside the US, I would say he was the most censored person EVER. I remember him appearing *once* on television ….on William F. Buckley’s “Firing Line”. Naturally, he was “balanced” with some Zionist guest.

        1. Thanks chris

          It was inspiring to browse Lilenthal’s website. It reminded me of someting I had forgotten namely that his first treatise on the subject was soon after the vote to partition Palestine. It was entitled “Israel’s Flag Is Not Mine” and appeared in a 1949 issue of Reader’s Digest. It accurately predicted the predicament the zionist movement would create. He was indeed a luminary.

          I wish the old man fair winds.

      2. Dr. Lillienthal exemplifies the greatest of Jewish traditions. To this very day we still see many Jews somewhere shouting “This is wrong!!”

      1. Here is a very intresting historical document. It seems, once upon a time, Dr. Alfred Lilienthal was heard by the powers that were.

        [ Dear Alfred: … I wholly agree that American partisanship in the Arab-Israel conflict is dangerous to both the United States. and the Free World. My program merely calls for using the power of the President to bring the parties themselves to an agreement. For too long a time, this dispute has been a bitter cause of friction between the Arab nations and Israel. I would hope that both would be friends of the United States… With every good wish, I am
        Sincerely, John F. Kennedy — 1960 ]

        1. Thank you so much for providing this excerpt from President Kennedy’s letter. Many think that he was killed for thinking as he states in his first sentence.

      2. Thank you so much for this alert to this ugly deceptive practice by Israel Firsters, and to the Lilienthal website. I feel so much scorn for the abusers of this honorable corruption fighter.

      3. Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

        File that under the category of “truly epic lulz”.

  5. Time Magazine presents banality presents just another pro-war hack. The mainstream media is lost as is Bush’s insane wars of genocide.

  6. Another good sign about *Time*–their choice of Putin as Man of the Year, instead of another gimmick (“You,” “the under 30-generation” “the endangered planet” “the personal computer” etc.)

    1. I’d wager Tim R. could answer how’s that possible. But however consistently wrong he is, he heroically breaks that habit with his comment to Lucy Luv Freedom on the Dem(ised) Party. At least for those who still believe there exists such a thing as more than one Party in an Empire, since there can be only one legitimate political opinion and all the rest is treason.

  7. Just wanted to say that I’m glad I was able to download the interview with Karen Kwiatowski.

    I really think she should be Ron Paul’s first choice for VP.

  8. Addition by way of subtraction.

    If there was any justice in the world, Krauthammer would be unemployed and living under a highway overpass.

  9. The ejection of Krauthammer and the other foreign partisan was inevitable. The American public is sick of warmongers who work for their transatlantic fatherlands. Time could lose readers and money.

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