Policy Forum Dead, Too?

Another hard-line neo-conservative group — and one that received a nearly $80,000 grant from the Pentagon just last September — may also have died. In fact, its effective demise may actually have preceded the the grant’s approval by the office of the Undersecretary of Defense for Policy, Eric Edelman.

I’m referring to the Policy Forum on International Security Affairs (aka the Policy Forum on International Security Issues) headed by Devon Gaffney Cross, the sister of Frank Gaffney, the ultra-hawkish president of the Center for Security Policy, and a member of the Defense Policy Board since 2001. She launched the organization in London shortly after 9/11 to help improve British and European public opinion about the Bush administration’s “global war on terror” by hosting off-the-record meetings at exclusive London clubs and posh Parisian restaurants between selected reporters from influential publications and senior U.S. defense officials and prominent neo-cons outside the administration. I have posted on the Policy Forum’s activities and relationships with other groups at last year’s Prague Democracy and Security Conference here and here, and its funding by Edelman’s office here.

Unlike PNAC’s, the Policy Forum’s website (www.policyforumuk.com) is still visible on the Internet, although it hasn’t been updated for about nine months now, despite its self-described mission not only to “create an open channel of dialogue between those who create the international news and those who report it,” but also “to expand our original mission beyond the narrow confines of the journalistic community, and to engage with the wider European community [by] reaching out to the active, curious and engaged public…”

It turns out that, according to the ICC Directory of UK Companies, the Policy Forum, which was officially incorporated in the UK on December 18, 2003, initiated its dissolution on March 11, 2007, ten days after its “managing director,” German real estate magnate Zacharias Gertler, resigned his position. It filed its first dissolution on November 12, 2007 — just two months after it was awarded the non-competitive contract by Edelman’s office ”for technical support and consulting services for public liaison and media outreach services in support of the diplomacy mission including addressing and informing European and Middle Eastern audiences on the challenges facing U.S. National Security policies” — and its final dissolution on March 25 this year. This raises an obvious question: why did the Pentagon award a non-competitive contract to an entity that was in the process of dissolving itself?

Now, there is evidence that the Policy Forum is also incorporated in the State of New York, where Cross, whose husband is president of the New York Jets organization, has her primary residence. According to taxexemptworld.com, an organization known as “Policy Forum on International Security (c/o Devon Cross)” — described as a “charitable organization” involved in “housing development, construction, and management” — gained tax-exempt status in New York in September, 2006. So it may be that the Pentagon contracted with the New York-based Policy Forum and not the London-based Policy Forum, but, given the small size of the contract, we would have to file an FOIA request to find out.

Visit Lobelog.com for the latest news analysis and commentary from Inter Press News Service’s Washington bureau chief Jim Lobe.

Author: Jim Lobe

Visit Lobelog.com for the latest news analysis and commentary from Inter Press News Service's Washington bureau chief Jim Lobe.

18 thoughts on “Policy Forum Dead, Too?”

  1. Or maybe they figure their work is done, now that the war against Iran seems firmly on track, and all three of the remaining Presidential candidates have pledged devout loyalty to the Israel lobby?

    1. Eric,
      Exactly so. The Zionists had some doubts about Obama so they invited him to a synagogue in Boca Raton (rat face in Spanish?) Florida where he took his final oral exam on what really is important for America’s future – i.e. how useful we will be to Israel. After a full and public commitment by Obama that he is willing to put Israel first, the Zionists figure that they have all bases covered. With all three candidates declared kosher and an in-house media, why leave evidence of their control of this country on the Internet for cranks like us to fret over?

      1. Correction – Boca Raton would mean literally “mouth rat” in Spanish. This is kind of ironic as Boca Raton is home to a lot of “bucket shops” specializing in financial scams. I have, personally, received many cold calls from young guys in Boca Raton firms trying to sell me some fabulous deal. Straight from the “mouth of some rat”.

  2. It’s great to see these neocon criminals with going out of business signs around their necks. The only thing better would be to see ropes!

  3. If the pentagon is supporting these “non-profit” groups then that means the American taxpayers are in reality are being robbed to supply pro war propaganda and to enable the members to wine and dine and fly to expensive places on my TAB!!

    Is there nothing wrong with this?? If Haim Saban want’s to use his money to prop up these bloodsuckers, then I have no objection but why use my hard earned money??

    This war on terror is really a big SCAM pulled on the taxpaying Americam public to enrich these criminal mafia types

    1. Talking about Haim Saban, many years ago, when I lived in LA, I occasionally worked as a humble camera assistant on the kids TV show Power Rangers, produced by Saban.
      Many of the top brass hanging round the set were ex-Israeli Air Force (IDF), and a more sinister and shady cast of characters would be hard to imagine.

  4. Gaffney, well now that just figures. Old Daffy like the ‘Dark Prince’ himself (Richard Perle) takes the money and runs. Not a bad gig. Can we all say Dov Zakheim?

  5. I posted some background on Rabbi Dov Zakheim on the PNAC forum here — the forum’s still up on antiwar’s home page so you can check it out.

    Zakheim’s been called the “bionic Zionist” but what I find most troubling are all the eerie coincidences surrounding Zakheim, the PNAC cabal, and 9/11.

    In an interview with the New York Times a few years back, Haim Saban boasted about how he was buying up European media outlets in order to affect European public opinion to become pro-Israel.

    Then there are the hidden Zionists / war profiteers like Senator (allegedly of the U.S.) Dianne Feinstein. Her husband, Richard Blum, made a fortune off of Iraq. A company that he is a partial owner of, URS, received some of the contracts BEFORE the invasion, and during the time that Feinstein sat on the Senate Intelligence Committee.

    Feinstein’s reaction to the very large contingent of Californians who opposed the invasion was that she knew better about WMDs because she was on the Intelligence Committee and privy to information her CONSTITUENTS did not have access to. I would venture to guess that the information was that her family, the Bushs, the Cheneys, the Gaffneys, etc., would make fortunes off of the claim of WMDs and the subsequent and on-going invasion of Iraq.


    And I agree that war crimes tribunals of the villains in BOTH parties (Feinstein/ Sherman/ Berman/ King/ Frank/ Israel/ Ros-Lehtinen/ Rahm Emanuel/ Pelosi, all (D-Israel) should start immediately, before an attack on Iran turns that country, as well as south Asia, into a glass parking lot.

    1. Thank you for that link. Not too long ago I would have dismissed any conspiracy theory as crazy but now after having thoughourly researched these neoconservative jackals I wouldn’t put ANYTHING past them. They are to Americans what the Nazi clique was to Germany. They have hijacked (and ironically were able to do so precisely because of four REAL hijackings) the foreign policy of America and made it a criminal bully launching uncalled for wars of agression, ostensibly to “spread democracy”, but really just to serve the interests of ideolouges in Israel.

  6. Strange timez! What were hitler’s plans during his first two weeks in the bunker?? Who was his Nancy Pelosi?? Suppose what Putin will do, say and perhaps you will know the endgame of the bush ceime(oil)gang. They are listening SOOO carefully for the whisperings in the high court & Moscow All their spying capabilities……are lazer focussed on affecting decisions there…………..

  7. All this intrigue, sponsored by the neo-conservatives who want to lead us, bears the close scrutiny of Jim Lobe, to whom we collectively owe much gratitude. What’s next from these deceivers? Please, Jim and all, keep on naming the culprits.

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